What’s Your Motivation To Beat Addiction? Recovery from Addiction, Drug Addiction, Sobriety, Sober

What’s Your Motivation To Beat Addiction? Recovery from Addiction, Drug Addiction, Sobriety, Sober

Maybe your trying to get sober or you’ve
been clean for some time. There’s many reasons to stop using drugs
and other destructive behaviors. In this video, let’s talk about motivation
to beat addiction. And how it can help you stay in recovery. Thank you so much for watching today! This channel is dedicated to bringing you
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this channel, and helping us get to 1,000 subscribers! WoOoOoOo! Alright. So now we can get to the video! So what’s your motivation for getting sober? This can be because of a romantic partner, or work, parents, friends, the court system, doctors, lawyers, etc., etc. But there’s one thing that’s common for
all of these — it’s not coming from within. And I argue that it’s what’s required
to get sober. In the same way if you lead a horse to water,
you can’t make it drink. If your motivation is to assuage parents,
or appease a partner, or satisfy the court system by getting sober, then you’re not doing
it for you — you’re doing it for them. And why is that not good? Because it often doesn’t work long term. When I tried to quit because of someone else,
it was a recovery based on shaky ground. Because when the force applied to get me sober isn’t coming from within, then it’s coming from something that’s out of my control. So maybe the boyfriend or girlfriend
leaves — so you no longer have the pressure to get sober. Or maybe the husband or wife gives up on pressuring
you to stop drinking — so now you can resume your normal using. Perhaps you satisfy drug court or probation — so now you can just go right back to using. Regardless of the situation, I was never was able
to recover when somebody else was forcing me to. Because the motivation wasn’t coming from
me. I had to find the motivation in the pain
and misery that I could not postpone nor evade. I reached a point where I had to get sober
for me. Because I wanted to. Because I felt there was no other way. Like yesterday’s video, I was unable to make using work and I was unable to make not using work without any sort of recovery program. So my motivation was to stop hurting. But now that I am sober — what’s my motivation to stay sober? It’s to live a life free from me screwing
it up. But really, it’s to be happy, satisfied,
productive, and fulfilled. Me relapsing is just a symptom of
a much greater problem. Which is not living a program of recovery. A byproduct of living in recovery today
is not using alcohol or other drugs. The word program comes from Greek “prographein”
“pro” meaning before And “graphein” means to write. So it literally
means before writing — or how I think of it, before i act. Recovery is about the attitude and framework that I use to interpret life. And how I process information before I act. So my motivation to stop using was to just stop hurting. And my motivation now is to live in recovery is that no matter what happens in life — I can be happy — and I never have to use alcohol or other drugs. Thanks for watching today’s video on Motivation
to beat addiction. What do you use as motivation? Please let me know in the comments below. Please subscribe for your daily dose of soberness. And i will see you all tomorrow in the next


  1. My motivation for recovery lies within myself.  To ease the pain that addiction has caused me in the past.  I became addicted to avoid pain in the first place, but the tables soon turn….

  2. There are four basic reasons why a person decides to abstain from an addiction. (Only four, although they sometimes coincide with one another or can be expressed in other words).

    1. To better their lives
    2. To avoid the consequences
    3. To better the lives of those around them
    4. Out of reverence for God

    "Turning to God from Idols: A Biblical Approach to Addictions"

  3. My children were my initial motivation, but then it became about me because recovery is awesome! The hardest but the best thing I've ever done!

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