Whitney Houston’s Struggle With Drugs Recalled By Her Longtime Friend | TODAY

Whitney Houston’s Struggle With Drugs Recalled By Her Longtime Friend | TODAY


  1. They should start at why a 14 year old was doing cocain. Maybe the alleged sexual abuse from Dionne Warwicks sister may have pushed her to it.

  2. Any new stories? We done already heard this stuff. I'd love to hear folks talk about her voice in her prime. Too much like right. Too positive. Her own brother got her hooked on drugs as a teenager. I wonder if he ever…

  3. Think about it, alot of highly acclaimed singers and musicians have died of drug addiction at young ages. And people treat them as if they're the cream of the crop of society. The only difference between them and that addict in the alley, park, abandoned house, street corner, trailer park……….is MONEY….!

  4. We already know this her brother Michael confessed in front his mother on Oprah that he introduced her to drugs. Sadly, it is the persons own choice to try it. Just like I told my cousin no to marijuana, she should have said no to cocaine! Once you try it, you're already hooked. I wish I had half the power in my voice that she had. RIP so sad.

  5. She took advantage of Whitney while she was high, if this had been a man drugging Whitney, and sexually taking advantage, he would be locked up. Yet this woman is writing a book and making public appearances for money. What a double standard. SMH !

  6. No matter what Whitney did or didn't do, we all know that she was a private woman – I would think that her so-called friends would respect that!!! It's called Loyalty Robyn!!!!

  7. Its funny how people bash this women for coming forward and telling her truth about her relationship with whitney. Whitney family, and even bobby brown got a chance to tell there side of the story even mentioning the relationship this woman had with her. Why can't this women give her account for what happened. No one knows what happened but her and whitney in there relationship and other people already spoke out of turn about it.

  8. Please drop the best friend this ho right here ain’t loyal even after death. Let this be a cautionary tale on so called “best friend”. I

  9. I love you like i love whitney Robyn because you too are a very special person and not only do i believe every word you said i know it. And thought it before you even brought this to light. Real recoginizes real! And if whitney was your soulmate robyn i am SO SORRY that things were not different. I am sorry fir peoples ignorance of the word LOVE. God bless you! ❤

  10. She had from 2000 to 2012 to tell her side but she waits until Whitney gone is very disrespectful and yes Whitney was very private and if she didn’t tell it who gives them the right to try to tell her secrets

  11. CRAIG MELVIN is such an EXCELLENT INTERVIEWER and Today Show Host. His personable genuine approach is undeniably the arena where all hosts should aspire to equal. ❤️

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