Who Is PlayerUnknown? | The Man Behind H1Z1 & PUBG

– [Narrator] Player Unknown
Battlegrounds is a great game that has absolutely exploded
within the last year, but as you’re probably well aware of, it’s definitely not the
first game of its kind. Now, I remember when
this game first came out and I knew nothing about it. So I jumped on the bandwagon
and assumed that it was just another generic ripoff of H1Z1, which I assumed was the
original Battle Royal game. Well, I was entirely wrong in every aspect of this assumption. Turns out, PUBG has
technically been in development for a long time and the
mastermind behind the creation of this game
was the original creator for the entire Battle Royal genre. So it’s time to tell the story
of Player Unknown himself and turns out he is
ironically pretty well known in the PC gaming community. This man goes by the name of Brendan Green and he’s an Irishman who’s born and raised in military base in Ireland. When he was in his 30’s,
he decided to leave home and travel to Brazil
to meet who he assumed was the love of his life. Once he got there and their relationship didn’t work out as he’d planned, he was stuck there with no love, no money, and no idea of what to
do to get back home. Him and a friend opened up
their very own DayZ server and he would spend hours everyday playing this addicting mod pack. At one point, Green decided
to use his knowledge of code to do a bit of scripting
to customize his server and he actually really enjoyed it. After about a year of
owning his own server, and actively playing
the Arma Two Daisy mod, he decided to try his hand
at creating his own mod for the same game, Arma Two. After much time, this
mod was finally released and it was known as the Battle Royal mod, inspired by the movie, Battle Royal. Never seen it, but I
assume it’s probably a pretty decent movie if this guy himself, based his entire game mode off of it. But basically, the mod
was super successful and people still play it to this day. But upon the release of Arma Three, people began to move from Arma Two and the DayZ mod to this newly released game. And since everyone else was switching, Green decided to polish
and perfect his idea on the basis of this new and improved game again, Arma Three. The new version of the Arma
Three, Battle Royal mod was also super successful
and Green began to draw the attention of people in
the community even further. As his mod was gaining popularity, he was contacted by the
company that is now known as Daybreak Studios and
they asked him to help them work on their very own stand
alone Battle Royal game, later known as H1Z1, King of the Kill. So this is where I go back
to what I originally believed about how, before I
played, I assumed that PUBG would just be another
unsuccessful copy of H1Z1. But again, I was totally
wrong in this prediction. Upon the release and the
success of King of the Kill, Brendan Green was contacted by a company known as Bluehole Studios,
who had a proposition for him. The proposition he received
was to use his knowledge of the industry and his
ideas in conjunction with the resources
available at the company in order to make their very own take on a stand alone Battle Royal game. Fast forward to early 2017 and
Player Unknown Battlegrounds was released to public on Steam, made by the same company
that Brendan partnered with. Now it is absolutely amazing to me how fast this game’s taken off. It’s been out in early access on Steam for less than a year and it
already has more active players at any given time
than both CSGo and Dota Two. As of today, Player Unknown Battlegrounds has an all time peak of
over 2.9 million players on at the same time. It’s also passed League
of Legends on Twitch for the most active viewers multiple times and it’s exploded in
every single other aspect of the gaming community. And the crazy thing is that
even the developers of this game have actually discussed
introducing it into ESports as soon as they work
out the various issues and bugs that were in this game. So as soon as the bugs are gone, this game is probably
going to be in ESport. In conclusion, Player
Unknown created a name for himself because of doing
something that he loved and because of this name that he created, we get to appreciate
great titles like PUBG. Now, I hope that this brief video provided you guys with an explanation
of who Player Unknown is and I hope that you guys enjoyed it. If you did enjoy the
video, feel free to leave a like and subscribe to the channel, and I’ll see you guys next time. Peace.

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