Why Apex Legends is SO ADDICTING, Why You Can’t Stop Playing this Game

Why Apex Legends is SO ADDICTING, Why You Can’t Stop Playing this Game

what is going on bull nation this is
laser ball coming at you with another apex legend video and in today’s video
is why the heck do I keep playing this game why can’t I stop playing it today
we’re gonna be talking about a couple of the things that you might remember when
you’re actually playing the game let me know there’s this happen to you guys
have you started playing the game and you’re starting like it’s like 8 p.m. at
night and all of a sudden you look at your clock and it’s 2 a.m. in the
morning you’re like what the heck why can’t I put this game down well today’s
maybe huh we’re gonna answer some of those questions you might wondering why
do I keep playing this game we’re gonna start off with the first excuse of why
you keep playing the game and that is the infamous code is I’m just warming up
this is a warm-up I’m just worn up boys that’s why I keep playing the game
cuz I’m just warming up she’s getting hot getting hot trying to get hot so I
can get that gift game in the next one guys is wondering you guys should
definitely be very familiar with and this one is something that I’m pretty
sure the majority of you have fallen victim to and this one that one didn’t
count I died too early no that one didn’t count
that doesn’t count we got it we got to start up again now when that one didn’t
count I died too early on that one okay now on to the next one guys is another
one oh wait a minute guys that one didn’t count cuz it was like II it was
like it a certain the server was back and the service man it was too laggy
down didn’t count let’s play Noland here comes with the next one guys the next
ones here we go alright man that one didn’t count I couldn’t find a weapon in
the map guys I landed and there was no weapon that one didn’t count that one
doesn’t count we got to do it again we got to play again there’s my father one
I love the most is this one guys alright here we go alright guys this one didn’t
count I only found in Mozambique and that gun sucks so that one didn’t count
we gotta play it again guys and here we go with another one guys alright that
one didn’t count guys we landed and there was way too many players in that
area it just was overwhelmed we couldn’t find no guns we couldn’t find nothing
there were just 20 people in that area that one didn’t count we got to play
again alright on to the next one which is one of the ones that I find really
funny guys and this is this one I felt that one didn’t count I didn’t see
anybody in the map I ended up with Sarah kills that one didn’t count there was no
one to kill down one didn’t count guys come on we got to play an omen next up
we have guys is alright fellas I’m about to help off oh wait a minute guys
my friend just logged in my we got to play one more we got to play my mark
he’s really good at apex we got to play one more guy’s we definitely got to play
one he just got on he just hopped on right here because one guy this is for
more youth solo players man that was some really petty man why don’t I keep
painting paired with bed with Randy’s man all right let’s play up another one
maybe I get better better teammates this time the next one here it comes guys all
right fellas that was my fault we lost that one we’re not gonna lose this one
let’s play one more guys that was my fuck I didn’t communicate well we’ll
play one more fellas fellas that one didn’t cowboys because I only found a
weapon but I couldn’t get an attachment for it and that gun sucks with the
attack without the attachment so I definitely got to get the attention if I
got the attested we’re definitely getting this dub boys so that one didn’t
count let’s play one more I felt that one didn’t count because I I didn’t find
any hop boat for that one I got the havoc and couldn’t find any help up and
that gun sucks as well I found the uh you know the wingman but I couldn’t I
couldn’t get the skull piercer perk so we’re definitely have to play one more
fella so we get we got to get those perks and this is one most of you guys
have probably fallen prey to guys it’s like alright guys we won one we wanted
we you get you guys can’t quit while we’re winning guys we got to play one
more until we lose we’re gonna keep playing and those are just a few coats I
could possibly come up with guys why you continue playing the game because the
game is very addicting and you want to make sure you get as many games as you
possibly can if for some reason there’s a quote that’s not here that you guys
usually hear a lot very often or your friends say it make sure you guys drop
that in the comment section down below I’d love to hear you guys’s courts and
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  2. Okay but this doesnt make sense for me. I am more addicted when I'm winning and its not because I say im going to play until i lose

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