Why are we all so desperate for instagram likes? | Addicted to… Likes – BBC

Why are we all so desperate for instagram likes? | Addicted to… Likes – BBC

My name is Diana. I’m a journalist,
author, and TV presenter. Like the rest of us,
I’m part of the online generation and I’ve seen a massive change
in my lifetime. One moment,
social media wasn’t even a thing. And then all of a sudden,
it’s become everything. We live in an age where tech
companies employ psychologists to make these apps
even more addictive. Rebecca Meechan
knows a lot about this. Her job is running
the social media channels for Glasgow Caledonian University How do you use social media
for your personal use? I mostly use it for
just posting photos, update my friends and family
on what I’m doing. Say you do post a selfie of yourself
or doesn’t even have to be a selfie, or a photo that someone else took. Yeah. And you don’t get a lot of
interaction, likes or comments. Does that bug you? Like, honestly… Honestly…
..cos I think it bugs all of us deep down.
Yeah, I think deep down everyone… if they don’t get a lot of likes on
your photo, you’ll think, “Why?” If someone’s put a photo on,
one of my best friends, and they’ve asked me, “Why have you
not liked my photo?” I’ll say, “Well, why do you need me to?”
Like, “I’m your friend, “I’m telling you right now you look
good. That’s a nice photo, but I… “I just… I did not feel the urge
to double-tap. “Like, is that a problem?” Now just like the rest of us, I have
to admit I do get a certain kick when I post something
on social media and it gets a “good” number
of likes. However, to be quite honest,
I’m not so sure how healthy it is to be transfixed by these numbers. Kumba Dauda runs two very successful
online businesses. But she’s got strict rules in place
to make sure her online world doesn’t take over
her real-life world. Social media
is like a double-edged sword. You can really… It can take over your life
if you let it. It’s easy to be addicted to likes. I see so many people that are,
like, they’ll post on Instagram then they’ll be
checking, checking, checking… But I try to avoid doing that
at all costs. The tip for kind of… if you do feel like you’re
constantly checking your phone after you post, is to really
just put your phone away and focus on another task. From now on I’ll be much more aware of the time I spend checking out
my social media sites. Although, to be honest,
some habits are hard to break. I’m going to share my research
with Rebecca and Rosalind. But I’m going to put it out there
and say that we’re all a little bit addicted to our social media…
Yeah… ..whether it’s for work purposes
or for our own personal pleasure. Like, you run three
Instagram accounts. Yeah. That’s a lot of interacting with
your social media. It definitely has opened my eyes
to how often I can check my phone and how much I am on social media. I think I can honestly say
I’m probably more addicted than I thought I was, just
considering the amount of times I pick up my phone for no reason. When you think of addiction, you
don’t necessarily think addiction to social media is so much
of a dangerous thing like addiction to alcohol or drugs – you don’t
think of it as the same thing. Yeah, but unless you have someone who’s really young who has low
self-esteem, or is going through, maybe a really difficult time
with their mental health, I think that’s when likes
really come into the equation. Then they matter a lot. Yeah. Let’s face it – likes and
notifications are here for good. It’s controlling our dependence
on them that’s the next big challenge. Social media apps
are cleverly designed to draw us in and get us hooked,
and we need to be aware of that. We need to take control
of technology before it takes control of us.


  1. Pearl earrings at ~2:30! "Pearls make the girl!" –John Garabedian during his guest starring voice acting role/cameo appearance in an episode of The Simpsons!

    Open House Party was one of the other, more edgy, European, liberal, and music-focused instead of family friendly-focused modern predecessors to/a father or even grandfather of the current syndicated pop music radio broadcast of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Also relevant to this discussion: American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, the original classic popular music radio broadcast in the United States/North America, later promoted as a rebranded, revamped AT40 with a new (and current/reigning/presiding!!) host, broadcasting megastar Mr. Ryan Seacrest.


  2. 2:40: The female speaker and interview subject shown on-screen looks so much like my law school friend, Manitoba lawyer Ms. Janna Virgilio! I love it! 🧡💜💙💛❤📓📙📕📘📗🖼 🎬📽💐.

  3. If you substituted the words "heroin", "cocaine" or "alcohol" for social media you would quickly realize what you really are…Pretty sad that people have such a complete lack of self confidence that they seek validation from strangers for their addictions…

  4. Its extremely unhealthy and is contributing to mental illness in an entire generation. I post on Facebook maybe 1 or 2 times a month…hers a picture of me and my son, some stuff we've done this month and I say see y'all next month lol. I don't ever check how many likes or anything. And guess what?? I don't care how many people did or didn't like it because I can already pretty much guerentee that the more important people in my life such as close family and friends did like it so what do I care about if friends I haven't seen since high school like it lol? It doesn't change anything about the reality of our lives, so instead of posting your life every minute of every day which I think makes that moment less genuine, just go live it! You'll be happy you did!

  5. I ain't addicted to likes or subscribers haha, I just make my
    videos and post pictures cause I enjoy doing it nothing else

  6. one truth is; its a woman thing. you dont see this with guys (unless they're gay, a fuckboy or a wannabe "influencer" with 3K followers). no matter how "woke" or "im not like other girls" a woman is, deep down they love attention

  7. It's to do with social construct. Humans are biologically designed to live in groups but in groups of manageable numbers. 100 years ago, you drew your social identity from a very small circle of people. If you weren't good looking, for example, it didn't matter so much as most people look ordinary. The human brain isn't as clever as people think and social media means we exist in a society of billions, your subconscious can't tell the difference. So when we see a lot of good looking people online or on TV your brain makes that unrealistic standard the norm. For everything, looks, talent, success etc. People then begin to lose their place in society, they lose their social identity and that's when psychological harm begins and we see a rise in depression, for example
    It also means that people are desperate to find a group to belong to so groups like the far right etc will increase.

  8. Real social Connectivity is what humans need to stay mentally and spiritually healthy. Artificial tribal interfaces like Instagram puts a filter between you and genuine socializing even when it helps you stay in touch with someone far away. It's social surrogacy. It cannot stand on its own to keep people bonded. Guess that's why pubs & bars still exist.

  9. Why do likes, views or followers matter? Surely the answer is simple, it’s what your employer or sponsor pay you to do.
    They set what is important to them.
    If it isn’t your job or you’re not sponsored or trying to get sponsored then it beats me why you would have something like Instagram at all.
    FB is a necessary evil, many schools and clubs require you to have an account, if you don’t you will be socially excluded.

  10. I live in a high end shopping area that is very busy. It is very common to see groups of people walking together, with none of them speaking to each other because every one of them has their face in their phones, completely oblivious to each other and traffic. It separates people, it does not connect them in a meaningful way.
    For too many, it is a sad and very empty replacement for a social existence. It isolates many people.
    Watching the effect has convinced me that I do not want to plug into that fake life. I do not have a cell phone and do not need one. Many do need them, for a variety of reasons, and many do get addicted to the tiny bit of feedback they feel they are getting.
    If I do need one, I will get a cheap burner phone with no social media functions. They are needed for communication but you do not need a soul eating little replacement for a real life.
    This is part of a very alienating lifestyle that has some large ramifications.

  11. I deleted Instagram, Facebook and Twitter over a year and half ago after feeling ' addicted '.

    My mental health, my closeness to others, the feeling of contentment with life I was losing to those apps are all back. I'm also healthier in general.

    Stop kidding yourself that they're okay and delete the apps. Even if they're in built into your phone they can be disabled in app manager and your accounts disabled for good. You're literally taking back your life the moment you do it. I wish I was joking but the difference it makes is really astounding.

    Just text / send pictures to people you care about. Enjoy the technology and abundance. It really is that simple. Everything else about our phones is a total miracle and they're amazing without anti social media.

    Take action now and delete them and deactivate your accounts. You'll be thankful you did.

  12. Dumb white girls get hooked to anything these days. Not much to report here it's pretty obvious social media is addictive. They just put a d class reporter on a useless topic to make her feel good.

  13. https://www.facebook.com/fearlessmotivationofficial/videos/891499184529961/UzpfSTEwMDAwMzYwNjEzOTc3OToxNjA4Mzg2OTY5MjkxNDky/

  14. blah blah tech is not the problem, and never has been. People need to work out their significance and stop relying on it externally to get through their days. How sad that it's amplified weak people to blame everything else for their problems.

  15. Duh more likes,closer we are to fame or more famous you are,more famous you are more people want you for their ads or movies,more ads or movies,more money.Duh!!!!!

  16. theyre brain washing us and influencers are toxic we need to interact naturally or will all become robots

  17. I'll feel better about these type of videos when the person speaking is unattractive. That's the real type of representation we need. Not fat. You can control that. I mean unattractive

  18. This interviewer is seriously average.
    Asks leading questions, suggesting answers, and presupposes answers (like her comments about depressed people needing likes).

  19. "We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like."


    "When you’re 20, you care what everyone thinks, when you’re 40 you stop caring what everyone thinks, when you’re 60, you realize no one was ever thinking about you in the first place."

  20. A whole bunch of sheep that aren't capable of the easiest real world tasks. I would be surprised if these girls can even pump gas in the car much less check the oil. I bet they spend hours every day caking makeup on their face though. Uselessness on full display.

  21. social networks are used to re-parameterize the ideal self-image that you want to give to others; to spy on others without being seen; to feel part of a wider community; and finally to gain support through likes and shares. Real and extremely succulent psychological tidbits that our brains have become accustomed to and which they can hardly do without.

  22. This is what I really hate the most ._. My SISTER always post FOODS like when I’m about to eat McDonald’s she always say “DONT EAT IT YET LET ME POST IT IN INSTAGRAM”

  23. It's a spilling over from the cult of celebrity that elevates people for doing nothing special, made popular by the nonsensical "reality" shows, gossip mags and tabloid press.

  24. Instagram Australia now no longer has "visible likes".
    Don't know what's going on, think someone thought they'd had a bright idea for our mental health.
    Give me strength!!
    Maybe we have "invisible likes"!?!

  25. Do i have to pay to watch BBC youtube? I watch netflix and you tube theres very rarely anything on normal tv i want to watch..bbc1/2 itc ch4 ch5…hey we have to pay the poxy license so my wife can watch Casualty…wasting money on ads trying to lure young people….hey im 46…and apart from the wildlife its all tosh. Scraping the tv license for over 75s is plain wrong.

  26. In Brazil, Instagram stopped to show the number of likes on the photos. I personally liked this attitude

  27. In Brazil and some others countries, Instagram stopped to show the number of likes on the photos. I personally liked this approach

  28. British people need to stop worrying about likes & need to start worrying more about their teeth!😬

  29. Addicted to make up…
    Addicted to Instagram likes
    Addicted to Addiction….!!!!
    Who s not addicted to something nowadays…?

  30. sorry but this video doesnt really tell me WHY this is the case. its just more like that it shows that it IS the case. wich istn something new.
    i know its a complicated topic for a short video, but there couldve been a lot more. still liked. i like the concept

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