Why Choose the Addiction Recovery Network?

The Addiction Recovery Network is a marketing
agency dedicated exclusively to connecting people struggling with addictions, to treatment
centers. Treatment is not one size fits all and no two centers are the same. That’s why
we help you attract the patients that have the highest opportunity for success with you. How it works. We partner with top treatment
facilities throughout the country. Each treatment facility is thoroughly screened to ensure
we are only working with the best in class. Then, we expand the reach of those facilities,
enabling them to market nationwide, attracting patients they previously did not have access
to. ARN increases their exposure and brand recognition, while maximizing marketing efficiencies. So, how do people find us? ARN has forged
strategic partnerships and relationships with key groups and organizations throughout the
country, such as unions, first responders, EAP’s, and large employers, providing centers
a direct pipeline to countless addicts that need help, but don’t know how to get it. As
marketing experts focused on the field of addiction, we know how to reach those in need
when they need it. In addition to those partnerships with referring organizations, we reach consumers
directly, through a multi-pronged approach that includes TV, radio, internet, mobile,
social media, print, direct mail, and outdoor marketing, to name a few. ARN’s Addiction Specialists never transfer
a patient to you, who hasn’t been pre-qualified based upon a custom screening process. What
makes us different? We have heart and we care. Our organization was built by those impacted
by the devastation of addiction. It is our life’s mission, both personally and professionally,
to help addicts and their families and communities. We partner with the ARN Foundation to provide
scholarship, education, awareness, and resources for addiction and recovery. Why ARN? To recap, one, we partner with large
organizations providing exclusive, direct access to their members and employees. Two,
we don’t refer patients to just anyone willing to pay us. Our partner treatment centers must
be top-notch. Three, we don’t route patients to just any facility. We connect them to the
facility most uniquely positioned to treat their specific needs. Four, we’re fully compliant
with industry regulations. Five, we care. It’s our mission to help those suffering from
addiction. Call the Addiction Recovery Network and let
us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. Together, this powerful partnership
can help people on their road to recovery, and ultimately save lives.

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