Why Do Addicts Hurt the Ones They Love?

there’s a lot of hate and disgust for
people who are drug addicts or alcoholics and rightfully so in this
video we’re gonna talk about why addicts are such terrible people but we’re gonna
dive into a little bit of brain science so stay tuned what is up everybody this
is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the
solution in case you are new here and have not met me yet all right I’m a drug
addict and alcoholic in recovery my sobriety date is June 23rd 2012 got
sober on my 27th birthday fun birthday right anyways it’s widely known that
addicts and alcoholics do terrible things terrible terrible terrible things
so I’m gonna start this video off with a little bit of a disclaimer in this video
we are going to discuss the neuroscience behind addiction explain why addicts of
such terrible people but this is not an excuse for the behavior if you are an
addict watching this video your excuse of ignorance is now gone
i educate people on these things too like family members as well as addicts
learn to understand what’s actually happening in the brain and why people
act the way that they do this is very beneficial for addicts who are trying to
get sober because it helps us understand why we did what we did and we’re not
terrible people we’re just sick people but we’re sick people who can get well
this is very important because a lot of addicts who get clean one of the main
questions I get is how do I forgive myself for the things that I’ve done but
it’s also important for family members to understand this and this is why I
teach families about this because families are very confused and they
don’t understand why their son their daughter their husband their wife their
mom their dad whoever it is they don’t understand why this person is a mere
shadow of who they used to be based on what we know about addiction and what’s
happening in the brain we can logically explain why addicts are such terrible
people so let’s dive into this thing first I want to talk about the history
of addiction literally thousands of years thousands of thousands of years
people have been addicts alcoholics like think about back to
ancient Greece Egypt Rome they were drinking wine if you look at old stories
you’ll hear stories of town drunks and if you watch any medieval movie like a
Knight’s Tale or maybe even Game of Thrones you’ll see a town drunk this is
something that’s been around forever for many many years for all these thousands
of years we thought that these people were just awful people if you wanted to
quit you would but you clearly don’t see or not this is what people thought for
the longest time and I’m talking a long time if you think about the history by
going back to BC when people were drinking using opium and all the other
drugs back then up until just about a few decades ago we thought that addicts
and alcoholics were just terrible people back in the 1930s water on the time
Alcoholics Anonymous started all they really had was detox centers basically
they said look we’ll get you medically and physically stable but you’re
probably screwed because I don’t know how to help you there was a really bad
situation back then thanks to science and this is why I talk about science so
much because it helps us learn it helps us get to outer space and use cell
phones and all sorts of cool stuff right science started to progress and a lot
more resources started going into studying the brain and studying
addiction something that we discovered is that the brain of an addict or an
alcoholic is much different than somebody who is not an addict or
alcoholic we can pinpoint the two differences on two different parts of
the brain the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex think of the limbic
system like your car engine or the gas pedal it is what’s telling you to go go
go go go the prefrontal cortex is the newest part of the brain that is not
even fully evolutionarily developed yet and that is like the brake pedal it is
telling you when to stop the National Institute on Drug Abuse and many other
research facilities have discovered that addicts and alcoholics have a prefrontal
cortex that does not function properly so what this means is is that the gas
pedal is floored and the brake lines are cut we keep going and we don’t know when
to stop that’s one of the responsibilities of the prefrontal
cortex so think about it thousands of years addicts are terrible people up
until recent history we figured out the prefrontal cortex is the problem now
some of you may be asking well why isn’t this more widely known it’s very
difficult to understand for a lot of people the war on drugs is definitely
not helping the issue the fact that we’re incarcerated everybody who has an
addiction is not all that great for this whole stigma that we got going on but
anyways that’s one of the reasons I do this channel to educate beautiful people
like you about what’s really happening in the brain
now this gets to the focus of this video why are addicts terrible people so we
have just discussed how the prefrontal cortex is the primary problem with
addicts and alcoholics so now I’m gonna introduce you to a gentleman by the name
of dr. dan Siegel he is a neuroscientist he’s also a psychiatrist and he does a
lot of work involving the prefrontal cortex
I found him because when I really got into mindfulness and how it actually
helps the brain I learned more and more and more about the prefrontal cortex so
think about the addict or alcoholic you have in your life there I guarantee you
no one so don’t even front so think about the addict or alcoholic in your
life and let’s look at the Dan Siegel list of nine the nine primary functions
of the prefrontal cortex and so to think there’s the addict or alcoholic in your
life have issues with any of these things if you’re an addict or an
alcoholic ask yourself this question do you have an issue with any of these
things so let’s go down the list number one body regulation number two a tuned
communication number three emotional balance / effect regulation number four
response flexibility number five number six in sight or self-knowing
awareness seven fear modulation / fear extinction eight intuition and nine
morality now if you’re confused as to what some of these things are stay tuned
make sure you subscribe to my channel I will break these down a little bit more
but let’s just pick a few real quick emotional regulation addicts and
alcoholics handles they have extreme emotions they don’t just get happy they
get us ecstatic that’s one of the reasons we clean the drugs and alcohol
so bad because we don’t just feel good we feel great right but we also don’t
just get sad we get depressed we don’t just get scared or stressed out we get
anxious our emotional regulation is all over the place now let’s talk about
empathy why does the Sun steal from his mother
why does a father not buy his kids clothes and toys and dispense up on
drugs instead because they lack empathy the prefrontal cortex is responsible for
empathy fear modulation why do addicts and alcoholics put their
life and the life of others at risk on a regular basis it’s because they do not
process fear in the same way as most people do so we know that the prefrontal
cortex is affected we know what the prefrontal cortex does and this is why
addicts and alcoholics are perceived as such bad people the part of the brain
that’s responsible for making us good well doing human beings is not
functioning properly now good news is as you stay sober the longer you stay clean
that part of the brain starts to strengthen ok this doesn’t mean that
there is a cure for addiction but all of these various traits of the prefrontal
cortex start to get better over time merely by staying clean one of the
reasons I introduce mindfulness to the clients I work with at my treatment
center is because mindfulness and meditation are scientifically improving
to speed up that process and strengthen the prefrontal cortex see how this all
kind of fits in so like I said at the beginning this is
not to give addicts and alcoholics an excuse but it’s to give you a little bit
more empathy as well as understanding then give you some answers as to why
addicts and alcohol is act the way that they do also if you’re an addict in
recovery I hope this broadened your view a little
bit and helps you start to forgive yourself just a little bit but like I
said this is not an excuse now if you like this video head over to
the rewired soul comm I have an entire course on the disease of addiction where
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