Why I’ve Been Injecting Snake Venom for 30 Years

Why I’ve Been Injecting Snake Venom for 30 Years

putting that venom into my arm that first time I was basically prepared to die hi my name is Steve Ludwin and I inject snake venom I had that thought when I was young when I was in my teens and I just had this light bulb moment go off you are going to do this and wait until you see what happens in the future but it was instinctual but yeah I knew it was possible so I decided to attempt to it was just a curiosity was home science I wanted to see if it was possible that you could become immune to snake venom I had heard that it’s possible I was obsessed by snakes I didn’t know what I was doing there were no books on the subject there was no obviously no internet back then it was all guesswork I was playing a game with death it’s as simple as that the pain that happened immediately when the venom hit my bloodstream it was incredible and it was scary it was it was humbling I’m surprised I went back for more a few months later I tried it again a few months later I tried it again a few months later I tried it again and then I was going weakly I proved to myself that you can build up an immunity to the snake venom because after about 4 to 5 years I started noticing that my body was recovering quickly the bruising the swelling everything was just recovering so quickly so in my mind I was a scientist at that moment and I did an experiment and I proved it to myself that I could build up an immunity snake venom so that was great to be honest with you it’s called self immunization what I do and it’s quite an easy process I basically melt the snake which means gently taking the snake behind his head you know letting it deposit bite into the glass I get the venom I take the venom out then it’s good to go i I do it every two weeks now because I’ve been doing it for so many years it’s just like you know just preparing a meal when the venom goes into your bloodstream into your body it is not a pleasant sensation at all it feels like somebody’s just taking a sledgehammer smashed it on your hand and then held a flame under it the pain doesn’t subside at all you know what it is it’s evolution saying stay the away from us we will cause you the world of pain I’ve tripped out on pain before I’ve had to look up at the Sun and hold my snake-bitten hand and beg the Sun to take the pain away like an ancient like Egyptian you know it’s that bad I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone it’s not a drug there’s no sort of Jim Morris if yeah and then ride the snake you know there’s none of that snake venom is pain inducing and nobody should do it reason I’m doing it is to build up antibodies it’s a single as that [Music] yeah the first time I tried it you know I had no idea what was gonna happen so as far as I was concerned putting that venom into my arm that first time I was basically prepared to die in a strange way but I have this instinct that it was going to be fine and that my future was going to be bright with it so I had that confidence and perhaps a little bit of rock and roll helped me through this well I’m just over 30 years now of messing around with snake venom but it’s been just the craziest journey of you know when I was in a touring rock band you know gargling with rattlesnake venom to to get rid of throat infections and I’ve done so many experiments I have not stopped just doing experiments experiments and testing it on myself I am going to be 52 years old in a few months so I’m 51 you know there’s lots of arrows pointing that there are anti-aging properties within snake venom I’ve been making my own anti-venom cream I am very interested in in the power of snake venom I mean it’s like look you know there’s anthropologists writing books about you know snakes you know DNA and the origin origin of knowledge they’re linked you know snakes are everywhere snakes have been so important the anthropologists now know that the Egyptians were using snake venom like I am medicinally well over 2,000 years ago so I think there’s a lot of secret knowledge and history about the snake and I want to uncover it [Music] yeah people have been messiah that’s quite funny because you know my blood is projected to save people’s lives in the future basically I was on my own doing these experiments while on my own but since doing that vice documentary like six years ago getting high injecting snake venom I had people contact me from all over the world and the best ones that contacted me were a group of Danish scientists working at the University of Copenhagen who flew over and we talked for months and we did contracts and so I work with them they are basically extracting my my blood and my bone marrow and they are farming my antibodies to create a new anti-venom that’s derived from human blood for the first time in history I feel pretty good about what’s happened with my journey with snake venom [Music] snakes are definitely my sort of you know rogue that I’m going down now and this project that I’m doing with the Danish and Copenhagen is great but they don’t need me anymore I’m interested in anti-aging and I’m interested in strengthening the human immune system using snake venom so that is my goal to strengthen the human immune system and to slow down the aging process everybody wants that you know people been searching for the Holy Grail you know forever everyone wants it and I really believe that well I certainly know where to look for the Fountain of Youth I’ve got my finger pointing at it [Music]


  1. Snake venom very well may have great medical benefit, but this man is a nut job. BTW, ancient Egyptians used it medicinally, because they had nothing else to use..

  2. This guy needs more recognition and less hate!!!! You have to be a closed minded individual to be like “oh look at this weirdo injecting snake venom” when it could be a history changer, we as humans need to know what happens upon doing things like this.

    Imagine if he discovered a cure for many diseases or other medical or health benefiting properties.

  3. Okay so snake venom is like some magical anti aging material?? How cool, if u think about it snakes are actually really mystical, mysterious animals. He indeed really looks so young for his age. I’m totally convinced now snakes have some ancient magic properties tied to them

  4. Has he considered that the reason he suddenly had the thought, “You know what, your going to inject snake venom” might have been from what looks like is a dose of LSD that seems to be so strong it’s still impacting him today.

  5. he honestly looks incredible for his age….. I'd be interested in some sort of anti aging and immune product from him……

  6. He may be onto something unrelated to immunization. He’s 51 years old, and looks just over 30. Could probably even pass for 25. The venom is the elixir of youth lmao

  7. For those saying he looks young for his age, I disagree. Check the 50 year old that looks 20

  8. Whoa… I remember watching this years ago, and I googled it just to check in and watch it again. But No, there's an update. Holy smokes Steve, keep on keeping on. There's no doubt about it, Your 30 years of doing this is going to save some lives. I have to ask, are You getting an immunity to only your snakes though? Like say for instance, could You be bitten/ injected by a Coral Snake in another part of the world and still be the same??

  9. Holysht this guy is still kicking and injecting and still alive up until today. I hope scientists find this guy and study him for good.purposes

  10. he don't seem to be normal, i think small injection he gave himself damage his brain. regarding ages… is genetic.. look at Tom cruise his 57..

  11. I just saw the video in where you were 46,at 52,looks like your on your way to 102(at least) and I see you've come in leaps and bounds

  12. Guys, let's be real. Most of us won't be as lucky as him, don't try it at home…it might kill you straight away without giving any other side affect as he describe to you.

  13. Cant vouch for the efficacy of self injecting snake venom, but I can say that this guy looks absolutely amazing for his age. 51 and he doesn't look older than 35.

  14. He may be crazy but he is doing something no one else wants to do for scientific purposes. I say this guy is doing something super brave. If he continues he may save many lives in the future. So good for him.

  15. I just watched the first video he was in. I wondered if he was still alive and here he is lol. Glad to see he's still around!

  16. There is a reason your not married? I say that as a question cause I am guessing. Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote, I guess. Hopefully it has some kind of use. Someones got to be the lab-rat I suppose. I could keep going, but I digress.

  17. Not so great for a venom immunity test subject.
    In other hand good for a "how masochist fullfil their life" psychological test subject.

  18. I am calling it. This guy will be 200 years old and all those who were laughing at him will be burieeeeeed

  19. He got completely sneaked by those Danish scientists. He could have made thousands. All he had to do was draft a contract with the research company producing the anit-venom or patent his anti-bodies. They basically stole your bone marrow and said goodbye…

  20. But… Why? Whats the point? Nearly kill yourself so you have a potential chance not to die if you get bitten by a snake in the future?

  21. This guy injects this shit intramuscularly except he shoots it right by his veins and if he were going for a vein he's doing it in the wrong direction and at an angle that would destroy your veins

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