Why Jada Pinkett Smith Got Real About Addiction on Red Table Talk (Exclusive)

Why Jada Pinkett Smith Got Real About Addiction on Red Table Talk (Exclusive)

[Music] when I was younger I definitely think I had a sex addiction some kind if you won’t have a lot of sex that’s great well why are you having all that sex that’s what you gotta lick candid revelations from Jada who says she battled several addictions throughout her life including alcohol I remember reaching a rock bottom and I had those two bottles of wine and was going for the third bottle it was like now hold up you in this house by yourself going on to your third bottle of wine join you Jada for her Facebook watch series read Table Talk her sister-in-law Ashley Marie an R&B singer August Alsina both who have struggled with addiction and when I visited the set Jada told me why she’s putting it all out there are people really prepared they believe they know Jada I don’t know if people are ready but I know I am I’m hoping that it will give people the freedom also in their lives to find their truth during this week’s episode Jada’s mom Adrien also opened up about kicking a heroin addiction 27 years ago surrender yeah so that I could see what are you sometimes it’s hard for me to even really talk about our journey together and I’m always so freakin grateful because we made it [Music]


  1. You know what? Who cares about wealthy hollywood celebrities n what they went through? The average/common person deals with many more issues, in lesser circumstances n we survive to tell the story. Living in the land of plenty…..changes everything. I have zero sympathy for the elite wealthy.

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