Why Pakistan Is The Most Heroin Addicted Country

Why Pakistan Is The Most Heroin Addicted Country

In April 2015, India’s navy intercepted
nearly 500 pounds of heroin coming from Pakistan. It was the largest heroin seizure ever, reportedly
worth nearly $100 million dollars. For years, Pakistan has been stuck in what’s called
the Golden Crescent. Along with Iran and Afghanistan, the region produces more than 90% of the world’s
non-pharmaceutical-grade opium. Nearly half of that is smuggled through Pakistan. As a
result, the local Pakistani population has been suffering from widespread drug abuse
due to the cheap availability of the drug. So, how bad is Pakistan’s heroin problem? Pakistan has been called the most heroin-addicted
country in the world, spending some 2 billion dollars a year on the drug. The UN reports
more than 4 million Pakistanis are addicted to drugs, and nearly a million are hardcore
heroin addicts. That number has been rising dramatically as war continues to spread throughout
the Middle East. In Pakistan’s northern provinces, not far from the Afghan border,
it’s been estimated that one in ten residents use drugs. At least 44 tons of heroin are
smoked or injected every year throughout Pakistan, dwarfing the US’s rate of consumption. But drug addiction alone isn’t the only
crisis generated by Pakistan’s heroin problem. As the number of addicts has grown, so has
the rate of HIV. In 2007, there were about 90,000 addicts injecting heroin. Today that
number is closer to half a million. As many as three quarters of those have admitted to
sharing needles. The result of this practice is that between 2005 and 2011, rates of HIV
amongst drug users exploded from 11% to 40%. And with insufficient and underfunded drug
treatment centers, the problem has only gotten worse. Pakistan’s drug problem is essentially the
result of the relocation of drug production in the Middle East. When Ayatollah Khomeini
(ḵō-may-ni) took over the Iranian government in 1979, drug dealers and manufacturers were
forced out of the country into neighboring Afghanistan. Since then Pakistan has been
used as one of the main channels to smuggle as much as 40% of the heroin produced. Today,
heroin can be bought for less than two dollars in Pakistan’s open drug market. Although Pakistan is hoping to be drug free
by 2020, progress is slow, underfunded, and drug rehab hospitals are even being shut down.
There’s no telling how bad Pakistan’s drug epidemic will get before it starts to
get better, but one thing’s for sure: the flow of heroin throughout the region isn’t
showing any signs of slowing. If you want to dive into the science of what
exactly makes heroin so deadly, check out this awesome video we made on DNews. Don’t
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  1. I would like 2 share this with you guys. Pakistan is not a terrorist country nor does Pakistani government allows these drug dealers to do trafficking out of Pakistan. Jus like any other country it has good n bad. Yes they need 2get betta but don't we all. If some1 is down we should help em instead of stepping over em. That's it thank you.

  2. Stop spreading fake news……..i know why u doin this and i dont need to mention it here because everyone know …….2nD thing is the most herion addicted countries are Iran,Russia,Afghanistan nD united kingdom….. Nd if u dont blv just pop it in google …..then u will get to know ..

  3. Pakistan is a black spot on our Islam. I request "Organization of Islamic Countries" to remove this disgusting country from the organization. Astagfirullah 😤🤬.

  4. There is an interinsic link between Drug production and organised crime.
    This is one of the way Terrorists earn their their finances.

  5. Every drug come in Afghanistan to Pakistan after some bad person supply smagling others countries Pakistan not manufacturer any kind of drugs only waziristan

  6. Now waziristan full under control of Pakistani army not any kind of drugs import in Pakistan all think came to Afghanistan and India.

  7. Pakistan government is addicted to terrorism and cowardness. That's why their general population is becoming opium addicted. Pakistan's conquest to destroy india and to convert india into an Islamic nation, is destroying Pakistan itself.

  8. Pakistan is the most ugly country in the world. one day whole pakistan will be destroyed with their own karma. US gives power to Pakistan and Pakistan protects terrorists which killed thousands of Americans at a time. I think the IQ of Americans is much less than that of pakistanis.

  9. Pakistan is a failed country which have two thing terrorist and other atom bomb soon pakistan become biggest threat to world comunity

  10. The map you showed is wrong it's a China map. Kashmir which is India's part is shown in China bouandary but it's a part of India illegally captured by China

  11. Pak should stop having so many wife and babies. Educated people move to London and Dubai while remaining keep on having babies and drugs

  12. Pakistan is a begger country. They dont have industries ,no production,no earnings. Pakistan survives on the stupid help of US and money from China. Some money they get from other islamic countries for terrorism and drug trade.

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  14. Funny how the majority of the hateful comments are from Indians. Drugs and religion are not exclusive. What are all these comments about Allah/religion and terrorism about? Lol. Plenty of problems in India too which I can easily point out, but it’s not worth it. Work together people, stop hating. ✌️

  15. Once that country used to be cradle of civilization because of mohenjodaro and now after islamisation it turned into land of terrorism

  16. Yes this truth but Pakistan is not drugs producing country all heroin and cocaine came from Afghanistan so that's way rates of drugs are low many came here for taking drugs but this old story know every where drugs are produce and sale

  17. Short answer: they live steps away from world-class product and some of the busiest international drug routes. You may as well ask why Americans eat so many cheeseburger os why Canadians smoke so much weed (the entire province of BC is basically a giant grow op).

  18. Heroin is a pandemic. Every county is affected. Just happens Pakistan being hit the hardest, but soon more countries will.

  19. I wonder what happened to humanity. People involve religion, politics or geographical region to place judgement on a group of individuals. Failing to realize that we are all human beings of the same race. Help instill positivity in this world that is so negative.

  20. Lol, pakistanis smoke canabis and have for a thousands years at least. It is considered as herbal/ and a mild drug. Now to lump that in a phrase with heroin without distinction is dishonest or laziness. Heroin use is still relatively low. So stop getting excited people!!!

  21. and they call themselves mulims they make terorists and lot of there people are junckies these people have nothing to do with islam
    im a muslim

  22. Better check UN report and google other sources for drug consumption and production because video does not seem true. After travelling many countries I found Pakistan a beautiful country with most hospitable nation in the world. Love from UK 🇬🇧

  23. Because Pakistan is next door to Afghanistan, the world's number word producer of "premium" opoium. Pakistani BILLIONAIRE cartels are now in the government.

    Fun fact (or maybe not so fun): Heroin production was at an all-time low under the Taliban, and it's now at a record year on year high since the US invasion.

  24. Im a muslim, im not pakistani, i dont smoke,drink, also dont do drugs, i never hurt others. I respect others religion. Please dont judge my religion.

  25. don't worry as soon as American and NATO forces are out the drug growth will be banned by taliban as it was in Mullah Muhammad Omer command.

  26. I can relate more to a Pakistani guy same as any other north indian
    We look same
    We speak same
    We used to behave same too
    We were loud and humble people the Northerners (most of the intelligents you see are from South)
    but there mentality is changed now coz of the major problem our world currently faces …. You guys know too.
    We suffered from this cults teachings since 12th century now it's westerners chance.

  27. brother your knowledge is weak kindly do some research you are wrong it is not like this find some other way to get likes for your stupid videos

  28. Give 'em LSD. Psychedelic drugs break addictions. Is that likely to happen? No. The powers that be want Pakistanis struggling with Heroin addiction for the same reason they flood all our derelict cities with skag. They use it to kill off redundant populations.

  29. Islam only taught lesson to the world to how a man deserve to living in globe . The same Islam doing how a man spoil his life from drugs and norcotic ..

  30. Isn't Islam strictly against drug abuse? And I thought everyone in Pakistan are good looking, surprising to see some ugly share of them

  31. The root is Afghanistan. Indian states like punjab and haryana are also engulfed in heroin addiction and all the heroin is smuggled into the country via pakistan. This is not just their problem, this is our problem as well. Both our governments must fight it together. Opium production in Afghanistan grew exponentially after the American invasion.


  33. Heroin was the Problem for Pakistan. Now, it's use is very less. After, Soviet-Afghan War 4 Millions Afghan Refugees Migrated into Pakistan, & with them Drug culture also Migrated. Today, Pakistan is Fencing it's border with Afghanistan by December 2019 Fencing will be completed. Moreover, US export Drugs to world via Afghanistan.
    Heroin is used World Wide not only in Pakistan. You Fool

  34. The whole drug problem comes from Afghanistan . The border should be closed and illegal afghan immigrants should be sent back

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