Why Skyrim is epic

Why Skyrim is epic

If asked which is your favourite Elder Scrolls
game, Skyrim is the easy answer. It’s polished, looks better and is more finely balanced than
the earlier games. It has a large and current fanbase, whereas those who prefer Morrowind
or Oblivion tend to look like bitter, nostalgic losers who hate it just because it changes
things. But it IS my favourite, and I don’t want to
discuss its obvious strengths. Those are trumpeted enough already. I want to say why it’s special
to ME, and even after hundreds of hours in the earlier games, this one still stands out
as being the best. Before its release, I didn’t care much for
Skyrim. I excitedly watched the first trailer minutes after its release, only to leave it
somewhat disappointed. Okay, it looked better and had an interesting setting. But it was
still limited to current-gen technology and would no doubt be hindered by it. We wouldn’t
have hundreds of characters onscreen at once. The polycount and texture detail would suffer.
And let’s face it- the Elder Scrolls games have never been about good gameplay.
Honestly, they haven’t. If I wanted good swordfights, I’d choose Dark Messiah. If I wanted graphics,
Crysis. For magic, Magicka. If I wanted an RPG… um, actually I’d probably still go
for Final Fantasy 9. However, The Elder Scrolls has been about
the bigger picture. About the freedom. What amazes me is how no other game offers the
sheer sandbox scale that the Elder Scrolls can. I’d happily overlook its many imperfections
just because it’s more ambitious than any other game out there. It’s effectively a continent
on a disk. I was astounded when Oblivion came on a single DVD, and even more so with Skyrim.
A single disk, limited by current-gen technology. Even when I finally got around to playing
the game it wasn’t love at first sight. I was disappointed by how dull and scripted
the intro was. Bethesda have always managed to disappoint me with their intros. Minutes
later I questioned why I’d bother exploring a world that looked to me as a God… but
slowly, it grew on me. I watched the villagers amble about, carrying
out every-day activities. I harvested some bushes, spoke to some guards and the opportunities
for mischief began to formulate in my mind. And that’s when I saw it- the mountain. I
wanted to climb it, and just like in real life, the closer I got to it, the larger and
more impressive it became. As I rushed past mountain goats and towards the snowy upper
regions I questioned how the game could even simulate it so well… and then I got smashed
in by a troll. I wasn’t a God and this one annoying creature
was restricting a part of the world from me. I’d show him! I rushed into a near-by cave,
only to get destroyed by a vampire. All of a sudden, the world was growing around me.
I knew my place and I knew my foes. I understood that one day, things would be different and
hoped that the whole world would be full of as many little touches as my first hour had
been. It was. I recall several hours later in the main city,
looking at the quests I had to do. They were piling up in my inventory faster than I could
complete them. For every one I finished, several more would take their place. I was overwhelmed
and almost wanted it to stop! This continued, not just for the next few
hours, but for days and days. I remember I went to have tea half-way through Sheogorath’s
quest, my head buzzing from the opportunities and experiences I had encountered so far.
The game left its mark on me- the last 2 months of 2011 for me will forever conjure up images
of the Northern lights, the sad Nordic chanting and the beauty of Skyrim. I remember admiring
my magic professor as we embarked on a terrifying quest into a tomb, aware that something bad
could happen at any second. Despite completing hundreds of quests, I continued
to respect each one and they never ceased to amaze me with their twists and turns. Tens
of hours after Oblivion was becoming repetitive, Skyrim’s world kept giving. The levelling
scaled just enough to keep me on my toes, but would let me see my progress by challenging
me to fiercer looking creatures. It was kind enough to chuck in the occasional, unfortunate
low-level bandit to show me how much of a bad-ass my character had become.
Earlier games had relied on their scale to compensate for sub-par gameplay, but Skyrim’s
could stand on its own two feet. I’ve heard people moan about how it removes elements.
Really? Did you ENJOY jumping around the world to level up your acrobatics, or continually
heal yourself to become a wizard? Skyrim’s world is harder to exploit and I didn’t find
myself developing irritating tics to take advantage of them. I played as I was meant
to! Skyrim is a diverse and beautiful place. You
have forests, open plains, bubbling springs, marshes, mountains, SNOW and grassy valleys.
Each area is memorable and unique and has helped me chart up a mental map of the world
that I could never do in Oblivion and Morrowind. Although the earlier games had variety, it
either looked artificial or was too subtle to make any difference.
And how about the tombs. These were the places I’d avoid in Morrowind and Oblivion. I’d dread
entering them and would long to leave once inside. Skyrim’s are vast and varied and are
ingeniously designed. If you’re in a massive tomb and get to the end, there’s almost always
a quick way out to avoid back-tracking. The architecture, creatures and stories that exist
in these dark places help to add another side to Skyrim. They don’t feel tacked on, but
rather serve as another side to the game that’s just as well thought out and constructed as
the world above it. The main storyline is a massive improvement
over previous games. In my opinion it’s still the weak-point of the game and after a while
the dragons become a flying joke, but honestly I don’t care. I enjoy staging battles between
villagers and a dragon, or guards and a giant. Whilst in previous games, the creatures seemed
limited to a certain size, Skyrim isn’t afraid of adding a sense of scale and progression
to your abilities. It’s a small touch with big consequences.
I pity anybody who hasn’t tried this game. It’s a game that has something for everyone,
and even if you only like 5% of what it has to offer it’s still greater than most entire
other games. I’ve been quick to point out flaws to the previous games, but Skyrim isn’t
so easy to criticise. I feel I’ve done everything there is to the game, and yet one quick conversation
with my sister later reveals things that I’ve missed, or different paths I could have taken.
I still play as my original character, the fearless and mentally challenged Odgrub the
Basher. With him I conquered this harsh land. I remember gradually maxing out his abilities.
I treated the last unexplored regions of the world with the same respect as a child with
their last unopened present on Christmas day, knowing that it would be a long time before
such treats would come around again. The game to him is no longer a challenge, but a playground
to muck about on. I scale mountains for the fun of it and fill houses with cheese rolls
because I can. Some of the quests remain unfinished because I attempted them before the patches
rolled out and these tease me to this day, begging me to start the game again from scratch
to experience them the way they were meant to be played.
But I’ve grown too fond of Odgrub, and it’s not an experience I’m going to throw aside
easily. No doubt he’ll be the one who will boldly venture first into the Elder Scrolls
6 for me. Our friendship may last for the rest of my life and extend far beyond the
reaches of the world of Tamriel. Authors claim that the characters they create take on personalities
of their own and Odgrub to me is no exception. He isn’t just my eyes and ears in these games,
it’s as though his personality takes over and I begin to play as him. I know it sounds
incredibly sad but… I don’t care. My experiences with him have been more exciting and memorable
than any in the multiplayer games that I’ve played.
I could happily jump in to this game again, were it not for the fear that it will swallow
up entire weeks of my life. When Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out earlier that year
it was the best game I had ever played. I didn’t expect the experience to be trumped
so soon afterwards by Skyrim. I am almost frustrated by it, since Skyrim doesn’t need
any support and most definitely doesn’t need me making a video trumpeting how amazing it
is. I don’t need to convince any of you to play this game since you have most likely
already experienced it. Although the tangible parts of this game are
great, the true importance of Skyrim are the personal experiences that you alone have encountered
thanks to its sandbox nature. I believe that when you search for videos such as the one
you’re currently watching, you don’t want to hear about what’s so good about the game.
You want to hear WHY it’s a good game and how it is worth more to you than the sum of
its parts may suggest and I’m afraid that you’ll likely be left disappointed.
Nostalgia is a bitter-sweet and poetic fact of life and what’s truly important about this
game to you may not be the same as for me. Words can’t describe the importance of discovering
a certain quest, or of losing your dearest Lydia in an accidental sword-blow. I too share
your frustration at being able to recall the best bits of this game, but being so unable
to convey them into words for others to appreciate. It’s one of the most lonely parts of life.
But I urge you to keep the screenshots, save games and favourite music tracks from it safe
in a folder somewhere, because in 10 years’ time when new games have rendered this one
obsolete in all areas, you can go through those memories again and remember just how
special Skyrim was to you. You’ll argue with fans of the newer games,
sharing your reasons for why Skyrim was better. They won’t understand. And how can they? Their
memories will be with newer games that have built on Skyrim’s strengths further. They
won’t appreciate how without the earlier games, the ones that they’re playing now wouldn’t
be possible. You too can then become a bitter, nostalgic
loser who hates newer games just because they change things.


  1. Still haven't found any other game aside from Skyrim that made me feel like I was living inside the world. Looking at the gorgeous landscape just gives me chills specially when the soundtrack plays.

  2. Okay but Morrowind is the best Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion is the best but Skyrim is your favourite Elder Scrolls game

  3. After Skyrim no game can keep my attention. It’s very depressing. If anyone can suggest something, please

  4. I still remember my first ever character. I've only created two, one: a nord where I hadn't even finished the second quest. The other, my first character. His name was hourglass. I've long since abandoned the game, but I still revisit it every once in awhile. Hourglass: an agronian who I've beaten the game with, and finishing nearly every quest ever.
    Alas, I never went back to it. I haven't in over four years. My first death, was from a giant. Fus-ro-dah'ing things doesn't always work I suppose.

  5. I mean I'm happy you love the game so much, skyrim is really fun, but don't ya think saying people only like other elderscrolls more because they are bitter is a bit… much? I mean I get that is sort of your comedy style but this didn't exactly feel like one of your funny videos. I mean I only started oblivion a month ago and I already like it more than skyrim and have similar stories as you do. Different preferences and all that jazz you know?

  6. I bought skyrim SE in 2016 and fell in love immediately. I haven't played the main quest line through and I'm still on my first save. I love it.

  7. This is the best game ever. It’s a world outside the real I love too visit again and again. I totally fall in love with Skyrim. No game have ever compared with this game since I started it.

  8. It’s my favourite game ever i have played 5000 hours over different systems and I have still not played a game anywhere near as much as this game

  9. If I could be stuck inside of a video game for the rest of my miserable life it’d be this one, I don’t even have to think twice about it.

  10. I started skyrim on Xbox 360; I bought it in a charity shop for 40p over 5 years ago. That was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I moved to pc and then moved to se on pc; every time saying I'll take on a different character build, but no. Every time I play a nord male who wields 2 1 handed swords and I always go for smithing and enchanting without change. I started a new character today, one I hope I can do absolutely everything with and one that can take me to es6.

  11. “Skyrim’s world is hard to exploit” excuse me what the fuck, it’s literally the best way to have fun after your first vanilla play through. Exploitation is best.

  12. Skyrim isn't just a game you play and say "I'm done" after a good 2 hours, it is what YOU, the player, wants it to be.
    That alone is just 10% of its beauty.

  13. Watching this video has made me remember the joy I felt in the game by itself. So I have decided to uninstall all my mods and play it again. Normally.

  14. looking back now I remember when the mods kind of ruined the game for me, plus watching a friend I introduced to it wasting his life away in it…but watching your videos makes me want to play it again without mods and try to finish as much as possible, there is so much i missed

  15. For me, the biggest issue with skyrim is the magic system. Morrowind truly set the standard in this direction. Even though everything else was improved on, i cant be forced not to be sad about the new magic and alchemy system. I understand that it was probably done to ensure lack of exploits using spells, but it is a shame that they couldn't improve on the morrowind foundation and had to cut out numerous aspects of it to ease the development process of later games. Still, this could be fixed with mods. And i thank everyone and everything that made tes games so moddable.

  16. Not sure why but I still can’t get into Skyrim, I tried multiple times but I just get very bored, even with mods.

  17. Title is a wrong title, should be "Why Vanilla Skyrim is Epic…?" as that is what he is describing. (As he failed to mention that adding to all what he said, you can mod the hell out of your game to literally do anything…[This apply to most Bethesda games from DOOM to Fallout to Elder scroll etc…])

  18. That was an incredibly wholesome video thank you, I just got back into playing Skyrim after being on and off for a couple of years, I’ll probably stop playing again soon but I reckon this will be the last time I really play through Skyrim’s full story. I’m going to miss it, thank you for putting all my unorganised thoughts into this video to help me appreciate this beautiful game

  19. Skyrim is a game I still play for the world and immersion but for combat, I put on Dragon's Dogma. A game that could combine the two would be truly legendary.

  20. Wait…. are you saying you've only used one savegame the entire time the game has been in existence? No experience of other playstyles, races???

  21. I love it when people acknowledge the things that Skyrim does better than Oblivion and Morrowind, rather than just insulting me for not playing them

  22. Oblivion is my favourite elder scrolls game, I love skyrim, I’m not bitter and I don’t hate change, to paint everyone who prefers an older elder scrolls game as such is unfair and disingenuous

  23. I still can’t believe the creator of this beautiful epic game also made fallout 76! How can one ruin itself so quickly and so thoroughly!

  24. One of the most common comment in Skyrim videos is:
    I would like to forget Skyrim so i can rediscover it again

  25. Ok apparently im a nostalgic loser for a game that has a better story, better theives guild, better dark brotherhood and better mages guild.

  26. It was the first game I played when I got my own xbox 360 for my 13th birthday back in 2012, and was by far my favourite game. To this day, I still play it. That's a testament to how good it is (although there have been some mods involved since Special Edition came out).

  27. I think every Elder Scrolls game has something special that makes it stand out from the rest. All of them feel different from each other even though at the core they're the same.
    But Skyrim is my favourite though. It just offers more variety in everything, a lot more things that you can do here that you could only imagine in the past ES games and it has the most attention to detail of them all.
    I would say though that it had the worst story in the series and it was simplified in some ways (in the combat/magic/abilities category). Also when it comes to questing, I think Oblivion had the best quests in the series, though I haven't played that in a long time. There are obviously things that make the older ES games better than Skyrim as I mentioned above but as an entire package I will take Skyrim over the others any day.

  28. The first time i played this i was like woah, how the hell did they take the time to do this? Such a great game, i got it last year and played the crap out of it, the main reason i wanted to get it was to get as high as i can with a full set of daedric armor, and i did! And thats pretty much it lol…

    I explored almost every area, completed most of the missions, the missions i got were just side quests for money and XP and a couple of bonus items but it was really fun, just the atmosphere and the towering replay value really makes me dig this game, the places you can go, the quests that you can do and some actually good DLC's and just about everything was great, i cant put into words how good this game is, truly a masterpiece…

  29. I love skyrim but you just sound like a total Dbag… I picture you having in upturned nose like a pig. 🐖

  30. Skyrim is special to me because it revitalized my faith in God and continues to strengthen it still today. It is a combination of the scenery, the wonderful simplicity of the villages and towns and their oneness with nature, the minute detail put into every corner of the game, the themes of great heroism and bravery, and the music. All of this demonstrates that there is beauty, real and true, in the world, and it encourages one to go out and explore the real world, to find joy in simple things, to cry at the sight of a mountain and the sound of a waterfall, to live in awe at the Power that made it all, and to know and walk with our true Hero who claims a warrior’s heart.

  31. sad thing is years ago i stopped playing the game because i had this curse that hindered the vision of my character making it very annoying to play. i had to go into a spooky cave to break that curse but i never did because my first experiences with the cave was way to scary for young me so i stopped playing completely.

  32. You know you're a true Skyrim fan when you enjoy breaking the game with mods than actually playing it

  33. Such a shame today. You can't say ANYTHING positive about Skyrim with getting destroyed by a bunch of people. The amount of people who claim it's a bad game now is mind boggling to me.

  34. I agree with this video except that Skyrim is definitely action-roleplaying. And a good one at that. It is a better rpg than Final Fantasy.

  35. 1:12
    "What amazes me is how no other game offers the sheer sandbox scale that the Elder Scrolls can."
    Minecraft: "Am I a joke to you?"

  36. It hurts watching this video. Really bad. I want to buy the remastered version but I think I might have a breakdown or get that feeling in my stomach everytime I see something that brings up memories. I love this game so much

  37. Skyrim isn't a game its a experience at least for me it might vary from person to person but the amount of fun,effort and time I have put into the game is astonishing I have replayed Skyrim 17 times in the last 5 years and am always finding new ways to play and approach the game and still till this day am discovering new mysterys and stuff i glanced over in one of my playthroughs I look forward to the Elder Scrolls 6 comes out eventually but i will always revisit skyrim because of both Nostalgia and just how fun it is for me.

  38. Goals till my life will end :
    4. Have a Son
    3. See Empire State
    2. Make first milion and share it with those in need
    1. End Skyrim's main quest line

  39. Everytime I restart Skyrim, I see this video. Ain't nostalgia a pain in the back… I love this game so much, it's probably my favourite game of all time. Very possibly not the best game objectively, Witcher 3 is a better RPG, Dark Souls is much more original, Zelda BOTW let's you mess around more with the mechanics… but damn if Skyrim ain't near and dear to my heart for its own nature. The freedom it gives you, the way it welcomes you in its beautiful world, the snow, the dragons and the sheer terror of some of its dungeons are really something else.

  40. And here in the present day I dont think anything will be better than Skyrim, if Bethesda keeps screwing things up ES6 will be quite disappointing

  41. I know this is an older game but I'm starting my first playthrough of Skyrim. Just bought the special edition on ps4 and only got to Riverwood before I had to call it a night . I work nightshift and usually about 10 to 12 hours a shift plus I have a 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son so my game time is limited to when everyone is sleeping or the weekend but I'm really excited to start exploring this game!

  42. Skyrim was no doubt a great game especially the remasters. I've put over 800 hours on this myself. However I tried going back to this a few years later but but found it boring and I just couldn't get into it again. I guess the "being there and done that" applies here, not really any replay value in this game at least for me. Looking forward to a sequel hopefully sooner than later.

  43. I'm not sure if it's the one you're speaking of, but the troll on the 7,000 steps to High Rhothgar? Before you get to it, a little away, where it either drops down from a ledge or is just walking around, start to climb the side of the mountain, then just walk along and you'll be higher above the troll and you can just ignore it, then once a little away just walk down to the path.

  44. The most thing I liked about the game is dragons and how they were implemented. Skyrim, as far as I know, is the only game where you have a one big world in which you can stumple from time to time upon a dragon hunting, or just hear it's loud screeching voice shreading the air and see it from far flapping it's beautiful huge and majestic leather wings.

    Another game that I've been playing is Dragon Age: inquisition, the game has much bigger and much more dangerous and difficult to defeat "10" dragons, and that's the issue, only ten dragons in very specific locations, as a result they don't feel as part of the game's world.

    I remember in Skyrim, being accidently in the way of a dragon – I was low level still – and he just kept on hunting me through the mountains and the forest far from his nest till he burned me down, in DA: inquisition once you leave the dragon's location it won't follow, because once again, it's not really a part of the world.

  45. I want to play it but my laptop is to shit
    It crashes at csgo
    Yup that’s how shit it is
    My parents don’t want me to get a pc or a new laptop even though I have the money

  46. When I first started skyrim and went on YouTube, so many guides on how to get Daedric armour, how to get ebony armour etc. Me not even knowing they existed. Really made me feel how I can play it forever.

  47. An outstanding, epic landscape of thrills, quests, mystery and adventure! 300+ hour playing time.

    If you haven't had the pleasure… do it!

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