Why Was Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 SO AWESOME?!

Why Was Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 SO AWESOME?!

Wake up. Wake the f*ck up
Wh-where am I? Where’s Jameson Locke?! Oh god damnit! Did I get roofied again or something? You will answer our questions. Well, I would but I’m a little… TIED UP at the moment. What is your name? Are you sure you guys have been torturing
me or something? I feel and look completely fine. Where were you born? In yo momma’s pussy, BITCH! Hahahahaha! Give him the wet willy. Wait! NO! What are you doing? What are you doing?! NO! GAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Your name is Kelly Vanact (not how it’s
spelled) you were born in… wait. Who the f*ck put black ink all over this? Whatever. In 2015 you uploaded a video to your YouTube
channel called, “Crabgot vs. The World.” Is that correct? Kill…. Me…. Give him the titty twister! GAAAAHHHHHHHHH AUUUUUUUUGHHHHHH! Is. That. CORRECT? Yes… Where is the broadcast station? I-I don’t know. THE VIDEOS, Act Man! Where are they posted from? What do they mean? I’m telling you! I don’t know anything about any VIDEOS! What about the Halo 5’s Campaign videos? The Titanfall 2 review? The War Against Video Games, do you remember
those? Give us what we want, we’ll guarantee your
channel stays monetized. Let’s start from the beginning… November 9th, 2010 a video game called Call
of Duty: Black Ops came out. What did you think of the campaign? The story? Call of Duty…? Black… Ops? Campaign… Call of Duty Black Ops 1 was Treyarch’s
follow up game after World at War. It also came out after Modern Warfare 1 & 2. These 4 games represented the franchise at
it’s best, and despite the method of annual releases, Call of Duty continued to innovate
in creative ways. One might ask: Of all the settings, time periods
and conflicts to make a military shooter game based on, why would Treyarch choose the Cold
War? Well there’s a few good reasons for that. The end of World War II naturally and quickly
progressed into the Cold War. Realizing this, Treyarch or Activision must’ve
noticed the potential to not only continue the World at War story, but to explore new
territory. A 3rd stroke of brilliance was added to in
the form of Black Operations: Covert and secretive missions carried out by Governments or military
organizations that are meant to disguise whoever is behind it. Cold War, continuing a story, Black Operations,
these 3 ideas molded together resulted in Black Ops 1 becoming one of the most unique
games in the series. A bridge between the new and the old, something
we had never seen before. And with Black Ops 4 having recently been
announced, I think it’s safe to say that this initial game struck a chord with gamers
and the hardcore fans. Or it just made a sh*t ton of money and they
kept making more… But growing up as a kid and into my teen years,
I was never a big fan of the COD campaigns, I usually just played em once or twice and
went straight to multiplayer and it took my until now to realize why. Heh… Well, because I had EXQUISITE TASTES and found
the Halo games to be SUPERIOR, while all the COD fags sat in their generic, gay video games
sucking fat dicks! But the actual reason is that I didn’t appreciate
or care about history as much as I do now. See, the M rating on Call of Duty games isn’t
just because of the violence, blood and guns, it’s because the player literally needs
to be mature enough to understand and respect history, in order to get the most out of it. “The nerve center. I believe I’m correct in saying that civilization
has been saved, more than once in this room.” So all you little sh*ts (yes, including young
Act Man) who think or thought COD is just a series of games revolving around MLG montages
and dank memes, go back to the goddamn swing set because grown-ups are about to talk some
real sh*t! This is what Black Ops 1 does; if you are
mature, it inspires you. It inspired me to look up what the Bay of
Pigs Invasion was. It inspired me to learn more about JFK, Fidel
Castro, Robert McNamara, The Cold War, Vietnam War. I’d look at some of these old weapons and
think, “well what the sh*t is THAT supposed to be?” And then I’d look it up. And this is when I realized that Call of Duty
Campaigns are at their absolute best when they integrate real historical events and
or people into their fictional stories. We’ll elaborate on this point further on. I imagine the reason many people love the
COD series is partially because the games spawned an interest in history, firearms,
and all that. But without further adieu, let’s get these
f*cking numbers out of our heads, find the broadcast station, and SKEWER THE WINGED BEAST
straight into this. World at War, Modern Warfare 1 & 2 all had
huge f*cking balls in their campaigns. Now, you thought, maybe they’d ease back
just a bit, you know? Play it safe, stay away from controversial
stuff and then boom. That’s when you shoot Fidel F*cking Castro
in the face. And you realize that Call of Duty: Black Ops
might have testicular cancer because their balls are f*cking huge. This mission caused such a big stir in Cuba,
a website called Cubadebate accused the United States of trying to kill Castro virtually
because they had failed to in the past 50 years. That is crazy!! This game caused international controversy. Now, let’s talk about how the game feels,
it’s visual style and all that. First thing you see when you boot up the game
is quite possibly the greatest main menu in video game history. I remember the first time I figured out you
could get out of the chair and it blew my mind! Exploring this small, tiny room was such an
event! There’s even a computer where you can play
Zork, one of the first interactive computer games, and access a bunch of other information,
cheat codes and various commands. But when you look around this room, what stands
out to you? Well, the TV’s of course. The game immediately connects the story with
real world events and in this case, real footage which gives it a feeling of importance. It’s such a powerful thing to see. Your brain is fed a lot of information in
a short amount of time, and this sets the stage for everything that takes place. It’s such a nice touch that they got some
old school Vietnam era songs to be licensed and put in the game. “Like this one, Fortunate Son by CCR”
I mean, we got REAL HISTORICAL VALUE here, people. Visually, the graphics look great even today. But the style is what matters. If this were called Black Cops well we’d
see a lot of this: Till I talk to my lawyer you get no reply. You’ve obviously been watching to much CSI. I’m not a crash dummy so don’t even try
to talk your dirty trash to me, no BFI! But because it’s Black OPS we see a lot
of this: MAC V compound in sight, you are jumping into
some deep shit, Woods. Yes, the black ink that is synonymous with
secrecy. It’s so cool, because you the player take
part in these undercover operations. You go to 8 different countries in this game
and there’s 13 missions so variety is APLENTY. Whenever you start a mission, the details
are shown and then quickly blacked out. As if every level is something that happened
in the past, something that was open, closed, and filed away forever. All you’re doing is reliving it all. Which makes for a phenomenal method of storytelling. And that brings me to the structure of Black
Ops 1. The story is told out of chronological order,
and if you’ve ever seen Pulp Fiction, you know what a powerful connection this can make
with the audience if done right. I want you to go in that bag and find my wallet. Which one is it? It’s the one that says: Dragovich, Kravchenko,
Steiner. These men… must die! And Black Ops nails it! The story progresses normally with what’s
happening in the present leading to what appears to be chronological flashbacks. And you think, “ahh this is predictable! I know where they’re going with this!” Nope, f*ck you! You’re going back to World War II, BITCH! “WWWWWHAAAAAAAT?!” It’s at this point you realize what a retard
you were for thinking this would be another generic 5/10 Call of Duty game. The 8th mission: Project Nova is when the
game starts to throw curveballs at you and in the 2nd to last mission is when everything
that’s been presented to you so far, starts to take shape. It all starts to make sense and you piece
together the timeline of everything that has happened. But it’s not just the way the narrative
of Black Ops is told that makes it unique and memorable, it’s the story itself. You start off being interrogated by some unknown
peeps in a ominous looking room, you are Alex Mason and your memory is foggier than Snoop
Dogg’s bathroom, and you got these assholes just barraging you with questions. Now, Black Ops immediately breaks new ground
for the franchise because the player character is actually his own person and he talks while
you have control. He’s here. I felt like everyone was watching us. Watching me. Back then you couldn’t trust anyone. Sometimes, even yourself. Previous games always abided by the Silent
Protagonist trope, which is SEXIST BECAUSE IT IMPLIES MEN SHOULDN’T SPEAK! Anyways, this was a necessary move to make,
because an interrogation wouldn’t work if the person getting interrogated… doesn’t
f*cking say anything. Immediately, the game sets up a mystery to
be solved. Where is the broadcast station? I don’t know what you’re talking about
– The numbers, Mason. What do they mean? Where are they broadcast from? I don’t know anything about any numbers! It’s got you hook, line, and sinker. Right off the bat, you’re engaged in what’s
going on. And the main plot revolves around restoring
Alex Mason’s mind to find the broadcast station that will activate various sleeper
agents throughout the US. Which in turn, will lead to a Russian chemical
attack on the mainland, using the deadly weapon: Nova 6. Storytelling has improved from World at War
because Black Ops has likeable characters with personalities and they play a bigger
role in the story. So you feel more connected to them overall. The first mission has you assaulting Cuba
with the goal of killing Castro, and while it looks like you did – square in the forehead… PSYCH! He’s still alive. You’re dead… We killed you… No… You killed a double… you think we didn’t
know of your plan? We always know. Mason sacrifices himself to allow the plane
to take off, he ends up saving his friends but getting captured and given to the Russians. It’s at this point we see just how finely
woven the cutscenes are for this game. So many images are shown to the player that
it overwhelms them, just as Mason’s memories are overwhelming him when he relieves it all. They’re made to be disorientating yet informative,
and the special effects, all the red and sh*t makes it look so cool. It has a similar style of presentation to
World at War’s cutscenes. So Mason is handed to Dragovich and thrown
into the Russian prison, Vorkuta which was a real camp by the way. God damnit, Call of Duty… why do you have
to make history so fascinating? And then we see a familiar face… REZNOOOOOOOV!!! Mah f*cking boi! How ya been holding up? How are the kids, man? OW! F*CK! So you stage a daring escape with the legend
himself. This – is step one! Secure the keys! Now, we take – Vorkuta! And using Reznov’s 8 Step program, you too
can become part of the Russian Revolution. Join today! For the low, low price of 1,500 COD points. Because while you still live, the heart of
this jailbreak cannot be broken! So when you and the other prisoners are about
to head out into the courtyard with the big machine guns you get this little exchange
between Mason and Reznov. Reznov, your men must know this is suicide. Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice,
Mason… We Russians know this better than anyone. That’s such a sick freaking line, in reference
to the 20+ million soldiers who lost their lives. Damn dude… that’s deep. In Vorkuta is where the most important plot
points happen and we’ll get to those in a bit. After you escape Vorkuta you’re flown to
the Pentagon. And this whole scene is fantastic, the badass
music, how they have multiple things going on besides Mason just going to the Pentagon
I remember. I kept hearing numbers. I cou – couldn’t get them out of my head. The story is reminding you of previous American
heroes at the same time showing you that Alex Mason is a bit screwy in the head. Just the idea of walking through the pentagon
is immediately going to connect Americans… IN AMERICA! To the story. And yeah, you f*cking meet one of the most
legendary Presidents of the United States. And this is what I’ve been talking about,
you meet Robert McNamara, then John F Kennedy in the Pentagon. And these characters, these scenes have such
an impact on the audience because they have REAL historical value. They’re connected to things that actually
happened. So when you play some of the newer COD games
and you wonder why you don’t really… care. I guarantee you part of that is because they
ain’t connected to real history, you get what I’m saying?? So you’re talking to JFK and –
DAAAHHHH!!! What the sh- what the sh*t is that? Treyarch, did you just… did you just seriously
have me point a pistol at President goddamn Kennedy? Holy crap! Your balls, man, they’re HUGE! Now if I had to talk about some negatives,
there’s not much that comes to mind, honestly. For some of the cutscenes if you slow it down
you can clearly see they were lazy in certain areas. But unless you were making a video on this
sh*t like me, you probably wouldn’t notice. Parts of the campaign are a bit over the top,
but they’re not so ridiculous it takes you out of the story. But you know, there’s so much that goes
on throughout the rest of the game and I’d love to talk about all of it, even though
it took me 5 hours to beat, it’d take me forever to go through mission by mission and
talk about everything I think is good – everything I loved. So here’s a relatively quick summary of
what I think is most important. I love the concept of Mason being programmed
to kill JFK but Reznov was so pissed at these MEN… that he somehow re-programmed his own
agenda for revenge into Mason. Can you trust your leaders to destroy it…
or do you think they will use it? The flag may be different, but the methods
are the same. One of the finer details is at certain points
in the campaign, mostly when Reznov appears after his actual death, you can hear the numbers
sequence in the background. Effectively showing the player how Mason’s
mind is conflicted between being a programmed sleeper agent, and a programmed vessel of
revenge. These two ideas clash and that’s a recurring
theme in Black Ops. We are brothers, Mason… We are the same. It’s quite brilliant, and I love how the
game doesn’t need to explicitly tell us everything. Leave some stuff to the imagination. What blows my balls off is how Treyarch was
able to write the story in a way that you feel like Alex Mason and can connect with
him, but you are also at times, separated and looking at Alex Mason as his own person. Also how they managed to foreshadow and show
you these subtle details that lead to the two ultimate twists near the end. If you pay close enough attention, there’s
a dead giveaway line of the identity of one of the interrogators. What about Dragovich? Do you remember him? Give us what we want and we’ll guarantee
your safety. We can do this all day – We got plenty of
windows. Or you can give us what we want and we guarantee
your safety. And you’ll also notice when Mason introduces
Reznov to Bowman and Woods, they take no notice of him at all. Are these your men? Woods. Bowman. I am Reznov… Viktor. What took you so long, Mason? That intel better be worth it… So as the story progresses it becomes more
and more clear that something is wrong… Another thing is when you meet JFK, things
slow down and you see footage of his funeral in the background, pictures of Lee Harvey
Oswald and that’s just… Wow! Some great attention to detail! Just to quickly talk about gameplay, I think
it’s a big improvement on World at War. Which, mind you, was already good. Nade spam was toned down significantly and
the game feels a lot more fair. There’s plenty of gimmicks, unique scenarios,
all that good stuff. COD campaigns are very linear and formulaic
but you should know by now if you like what these games give you, because if you do, you’ll
love Black Ops 1. I’d also like to point out how incredible
the collectibles are and the computer in the interrogation room. Both of these things give SIGNIFICANT and
fascinating details on the backstory of the game, events that happened, character arcs. Just looking at these, you can tell a lot
of effort was put into them. Unlike the collectibles in WWII… my GOD
those were embarrassing And it was such great fan service to play
AS Viktor Reznov. To go back to World War II even just for one
mission. And it’s pretty god damn awesome that they
had Dimitri Petrenko make a comeback, the soldier you played as in the Russian missions
of World at War. But now the perspective is switched. And the players excitement at his return is
short-lived. And you watch him suffer from the Nova 6 gas
as a guinea pig; betrayed by his leaders. Dimitri Petrenko was one of the bravest men
I have ever known. He fought by my side from the Siege of Stalingrad
to the fall of Berlin. The wounds he sustained ensuring our victory
should have earned him a Hero’s welcome in Russia. But Stalin had little need for heroes. That f*cking quote is so powerful, man… Right before killing Dragovich he mocks the
death of Kennedy. You tried to turn me against my own! You tried to make me kill my own president! Tried? And after you save the day there’s a real
ominous ending. Like, holy sh*t they are implying the possibility
that Mason was the one who killed JFK cuz of his programming by Dragovich, Steiner and
Kravchenko. And that gives me the chills man, what an
ending! There’s actually a theory that there were
two gunmen and if you look at it that way, Mason was the 2nd who never got caught… Without a doubt, Black Ops 1 has a fantastic
campaign, I’d say best in the series out of the games I’ve played which are these. It immerses you and captivates you from start
to finish and the historical context of these events gives it such an impact because this
stuff actually happened. Modern Warfare 1 changed everything when it
comes to online shooters and the COD series overall. Modern Warfare 2 refined those important elements,
and Black Ops 1 offers that same greatness in a time period we’ve never seen in Call
of Duty before. So when it comes to multiplayer, to this day
I am still impressed by what Black Ops 1 offers. And you know, some people say, “Mact Maaaan
it’s just the same sh*t every yeaaaaaar and Black Ops is no differeeeeeeeent!” Yo yo yo, here’s the thing. I’m totally fine with COD’s formulaic
design from year to year, because it has a winning formula. WINNING! BUT ONLY if it gives me something new alongside
everything I play these games for. Quality ass maps that are always fun to play
with unique gimmicks, layouts, designs that allow for a multitude of strategies. Interesting weapons that are satisfying to
shoot that look and sound great. Progression that makes me feel like I’m
accomplishing something. Customization that gives plenty of options
but isn’t too complicated. Killstreaks that are fun as hell and make
me feel awesome. Black Ops 1 has all that butter. But you need some examples, huh? Ya – ya need some convincing. Look no further than Gun Game, one of the
most creative, ball-bustingly fun game modes THAT’S EVER BEEN CONCIEVED BY A HUMAN BEING! It’s a six player free-for-all with a catch,
every kill gives you a new weapon, knifing people makes them revert 1 weapon backwards. First person to get 20 kills wins. It’s the ULTIMATE test of mastery over the
sandbox Black Ops 1 has. And every map cuts off certain paths and changes
when you play Gun Game. We were playing this with 12 people and MY
GOD was that fun! Then you also had Wager Matches, you could
bet your in-game currency BEFORE THEY F*CKING MONETIZED THE DINGO CUNTS OUTTA THIS MALARKEY! You can come out on top, second, third, or
lose all your sh*t. They even got high roller mode for the people
that want to ball the f*ck out, man! Oh yeah that’s another point, Black Ops
overhauled the customization by adding these points and allowing you to buy what you wanted
when you wanted, with a level cap on some weapons and killstreaks. No longer would you have to grind levels to
get the guns you wanted after prestiging, you could just buy that stuff outright. Thank you, Treyarch. Thanks for saving a homie some time. Man, using weapons like the crossbow or ballistic
knife is a challenge in and of itself, but OH so satisfying if you can actually hit your
targets. And what’s this?! A theater mode? Record your favorite clips? Take screenshots and share them? I don’t care if they took this idea from
Halo, every First-Person Shooter game needs a theater mode. Goddamn, this game just didn’t stop innovating,
REMEMBER WHEN COD USED TO DO NEW THINGS? LIKE THE VIDEO IF YOU HAVE NOSTALGIA! Then you got playercards which give you in-depth
stats on basically everything. Heat maps, where you hit your targets, where
you die, your accuracy, what you’ve killed people the most with. So you can brag about your sweet Kraft Dinner
ratio that nobody will care about. LOOK AT MINE, BAYBEE! Not half bad! There was also customizable emblems which
allowed for a lot of creativity and uh… Offensive things to be made… Look I made mine a Kirby from some old ass
tutorial back in the day on YouTube. And wait a second… Interactive map design?! This is what COD is supposed to do year by
year. Advancements that keep things fresh, you know? They even offered 15 levels of prestige which
is a bit extreme if you ask me, but hey gives hardcore fans a lot to do! The campaign had so many diverse set pieces
and locations that transitioned into multiplayer. You got a stealth mission in the snow, so
there’s a wide open snowy map. You go to Cuba so there’s a tropical themed
missle facility. You’re imprisoned by the Viet Kong so you
fight in a Vietnamese prison. You get the picture… Oh yeah, and can’t forget Nuketown. One of the more brilliant and SOMEHOW successful
maps. Honestly, it’s a hella small map with 3
lanes and it’s really, really fun to play on. Probably because the layout is simplistic
and allows for constant action no matter what mode it is. Not only are all the maps fantastic to play
on, their locations are reflected in the singe-player and it makes the campaign and multiplayer
feel connected. I think you could make a damn good case for
Black Ops having the best, or even in the top 3 multiplayers in the Call of Duty franchise. However, there is one MAJOR flaw… One thing that weighs the game down in every
aspect of play. It’s the sound design. And you might be thinking, “boy! that’s
a pretty innocuous thing to complain about!” But GOOD LORD! They recycle the same explosion and shotgun
effects that it starts to wear on your mind the longer you play. Ohhhh god how many times have I heard that!? With how polished this game is in basically
every aspect, I am flabbergasted, yes flabbergasted at how lazy the sound design is. As far as I know there’s like 3 explosion
sounds, and 4 of the shotguns sound the same. This can really distract from an otherwise
fabulous game. But despite that, the Multiplayer overall
is pretty damn good! Black Ops heralded the return of Nazi Zombies
from World at War, but oh they didn’t just give you one somewhat bare-bones map, NAH
MAN! They gave you two that were WAY better than
the original! Kino Der Toten is definitely top 3 or 4 all
time Zombies maps, set in a rundown German theater. And FIVE is set in the Pentagon. Oh baby, and Treyarch might’ve thought ehhhh
two new Zombie maps isn’t enough. You know what? WE GOTTA GIVE THE FANS MORE. HERE YA GO! He-here ya go! Take this, it’s Dead Ops arcade! And we’re just like, “you didn’t have
to give us this


  1. Secure the keys. (Obtain the keys from the guard)
    Ascend from darkness. (Take the elevator to get to the surface).
    Rain fire. (Use the slingshot to destroy the guard towers).
    Unleash the horde. (Rally the prisoners with the broadcast system in Vorkuta).
    Skewer the winged beast. (Shoot down the helicopter).
    Wield a fist of iron. (Acquire the Death Machine).
    Raise Hell. (Storm the prison guards).
    Freedom. (Escape the prison).

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  19. Okay I'm just going to make one point, you didn';t enjoy the campaigns because they weren't good. While it is true, the history and story told in the campaigns are generally pretty good, they are then combined with terrible, generic, boring gameplay that is uninspired and so boring you feel yourself losing braincells the more you play.

    When I think bo1 campaign, all I think is that mission where you are running down a hill against infinitely spawning enemies that aimbot the second they get a line of sight one 1 of your pixels. This is not fun and not matter how good your story is, if the gameplay that comes with it sucks, then the overall experience sucks

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  21. To all the people I've met that have played the COD franchise, none of them expressed as much love for Black Ops as I did. Even though I played it mostly for the Zombies, it played such a pinnacle role in my life growing up playing it with my brother and studying the people that actually existed in-game. Glad to see a video giving it the credit it deserves!

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