Will It Snow Cone? Taste Test

Will It Snow Cone? Taste Test


  1. For some reason I feel like Link's kids have to say "Dad, eat your dinner or you aren't getting your dessert"

  2. Link with a beard reminds me there is no God. No god would allow that to exist.

    Also wasabi is the devil's toothpaste.

  3. With the pigs blood snow cone. Link: I think only a warrior trying to prove his worthyness will drink blood straight from the animal.

    Me sipping uncooked sheeps blood: well, I am a viking and my name translates to air of ancestors. I also eat blood cooked with liver bits.

  4. Hey guys I been watching the show for 3 years now and was wondering if you could do a will it brownie episode that includes blood. From Mary

  5. "I want to honour the snow cone gods" Rhett says, about to eat a frozen bbq monstrosity.

  6. Link had a beard… Without having seen the comments yet (2 years later), I wonder what they'll be.
    Also, Good Morbid Mourning?
    No? Okay.

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