Witchy haul with 2 new ‘buddies’ :)

Witchy haul with 2 new ‘buddies’ :)

hello everyone and blessed be I just got
done with a road opener oil one, but I wanted to do a little quick haul and I
apologize for the band-aid I was taking out some frustrations with my son’s new
punching bag and it fought back (laugh) but it felt amazing it felt great. So, in the
road opener oil video I did mention that I got the fresh Abre Camino. So it came
in fresh and then I got the Quassia chips. Amazing smell.
I mean seriously, I’m also gonna do a floor wash with that it smells like
fresh linen that was out on the line outside in the Sun to dry. It just smells
amazing and I got those from Magick Planet and also at Magick Planet I got me
two new friends which is funny because in my Spanish moss video my aunt sent me
a dragon and these were already on their way and I love the detail. I
love that they’re not the basic dragon look so they have more of a
reptilian look to them and these were only 9 dollars a piece.
And as as I was opening them I heard them shout out their names (chuckle). dragons have many names their true true
dragon name. I have some dragon entities that I…. I I don’t ‘work’ with them, I don’t
use dragons in spell work or anything like that. I commune with have names
that are more just sounds but usually if if you really become close to them or
whatever they will accept a name that you call them or they will give you a
name that you can easily call them and this is gonna sound weird I have not got
a true dragon name off of them. That can happen you know sometimes later
sometimes not but what that means is I do not believe these statues are real
dragons. What it means is they came with dragon energy in them. Meaning they are
used as vessels and doesn’t always happen I’ve gotten some before that just
have nothing but the one that standing, I kid you not, as I was opening them these
are the names I heard so you know we’ll just take it for that. But this one
that’s facing this way is Peaches and this one is Pickles and, even though
they came separately, they fit together like this. Almost like kittens or puppies
in the same letter and they prefer to be kept together like that. That sounds
really weird to some people I totally understand that to others spot-on you’re
just gonna get it but I work a lot with energy and with beings from this realm and
other realms. I listen so if it sounds crazy, you
know there it is, sometimes I feel crazy (chuckle). but another thing I got from a different
place this is anvil dust.
I had bought as a very small bag like a bag about this big from this seller on
Etsy and he has an actual blacksmith he sells handmade blacksmith items. I got
the huge railroad spikes from him and I just loved the energy so I reached out
to him to see if there was a way to get a bigger quantity. It’s not cheap and it
is actually hard to find where you know it’s coming from an actual blacksmith.
I have seen some other listings that say it’s anvil dust but it’s from somebody
who sells you know 50 other things. That doesn’t mean it’s not true, but his
website is on Etsy is called Hammer and Hide. He’s a blacksmith he hand makes
blacksmith items and this is the only kind of witchy thing on there and he
even mentions some of the uses of anvil dust. For me it’s extremely powerful from
him it’s genuine and I have used some of the other that I got from him
and I call them “me-my” bags it’s like… it’s a mojo bag but it doesn’t
follow any specific path so it’s me and mine me-my. But, it worked amazing and
so I wanted more just because I know it’s very hard to get a hold of,
at least authentic stuff is, so he sent me quite a bit. Like I said the bag on
his store that he sells sends you about this much for like 9 dollars
and there’s only one other blacksmith that I found on Etsy that sells the
anvil dust. There was a couple other shops that sold anvil dust but I liked
knowing I was getting it from an actual blacksmith so there’s that. I’ll put a
link below. And then just on eBay… I like my spoons. I like different spoons, I like
cute spoons, I like unique spoons well now I seem to have branched out into
scissors. These are on eBay, this one is like a pair of swans and I can’t tell you
the price because the price I bought them for… when I when they arrived I
really liked this one and I went back and it is now several dollars more so
I’m not gonna be getting them until they go down again… and these are snakes. So
there’s so many ways to incorporate, you know you don’t have to have… I think this
was like five bucks and now it’s seven something and this one was just a little
bit cheaper, so if you’re looking to have magical items you don’t have to get
super expensive things. You can find things, you know. At dollar stores you can find them
in antique stores you can find anything and even if it’s the plastic little kids
scissors you could take a marker and make sigils on it and stuff and have
that be and you don’t need magical scissors I was just very drawn to these.
I always want to make sure that I say these are ‘tools’ even the ingredients are
tools. You are your power. I can go right outside, and I do it a lot actually and
use 100% nature to do spells. I don’t even need that, but I have done that. But
I’m a chaos witch, per say, in that I do whatever floats my boat. If
it feels right I do it, as it feels right I’d do it. Immediately, as soon as
it stops feeling right, I go a different direction. I don’t claim any particular
path, I do me. So ….it’s so cute the names cracked me up though. So
the one… I had went to, was it goodwill… and was looking around for my first time
since the injury, so I was pretty proud of myself, and they’d been picked clean.
You know sometimes you go in there and there was a ton of stuff and sometimes
you go in there and there’s just not a lot and I was ready to leave empty-handed
but then I found this and it’s just this glazed ceramic. Has a “B” on it and
it has the trees which just reminded me …it felt very earthy and I just loved it for
some reason. I have no idea what I’m gonna use it for it’s pretty good-size,
if you have any ideas please let me know in the comments below and it was $4 so
that’s the only thing I left with but I really, really love it. I felt very
pulled towards it I love the simplicity and the trees on there so that’s my haul
for today. I hope you enjoyed. If you liked the video please give it a thumbs
up, thank you and blessed be


  1. Could you please make closed captions available on your videos? It would be so helpful to those of us who don’t hear well. Thank you!

  2. Please tell me more about the incense you bought I’ve not seen the chips before. If it were me I would get hit in the face by the punching bag. 😂🙏🏻 Blessed Be! I’m also interested in anvils and railroad spikes. Your definitely not crazy. You could put salt in that ceramic container and store your crystals 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s beautiful 😍.

  3. Oh I thought the dragon your aunt gave was adorable now these two?!! I love the names!!! That's a good bag of anvil dust! Thank you for sharing! Loved everything! Much love to you and blessings! 😘💕💖

  4. I love the dragons you got today and from your aunt. I thought they were made to be together so it's funny there went. I can tell they love you already! Great Haul!

  5. Peaches! That's my safe word. Lol! Just joking! Those dragons are adorable! Love the scissors! And anvil dust…wow! I may need to add some to my supplies.

  6. Baby DRAGONS!!! How adorable💜💜
    I've been off YouTube for a few days so I'm trying to catch up on everyone's videos. This one made me smile. If I ever see a baby dragon in real life, I expect it to look like Peaches and Pickles! 😊

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