1. I’m on 1800mg of gabapentin a day for nerve pain. When I’ve taken it with opioids, the opioids become less effective but the gabapentin becomes stronger. There’s deff an effect when mixed with other drugs! Now instead of taking them together, I have to take them hours apart so that I’m treating my actual pain and not just feeling “high”. There are legitimate people out there with pain and it’s horrible that people who abuse these types of medications ruin it for people who actually need it. I work 12 hour shifts in the ICU. My job is very physically demanding and I more then most know the consequences of drug abuse. Many times it’s hard for me to even get a prescription filled because of this opioid epidemic. It’s very frustrating that I help people for a living yet when I need help, I’m shunned away because of these abusers! I have 4 herniated discs, severe degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. I’m glad they started drug testing people in the state of NJ to help regulate abusers, just wish they didn’t make it so hard for those who depend on the medications to get thru their day.

  2. Gabepentin is neurontin. An anti seizure medication. It's not possible to take this drug expecting to get the high of opiates. Alarmists are at the root of this so called news.

  3. I used to take pain medication the right way I got punished for all the drug addicts out there now I'm being punished for the Gabapentin that I take now. This is getting ridiculous and I need to think they need to not do protocol care but go back to Personal Care get to know the patients

  4. As a recovering opioid addict I don't know wtf yall talking about. Gabapentin didn't make me high (believe me I tried) it just helped my restless leg syndrome. I don't even use it anymore. Although I should as I still get restless legs.

  5. I call bullshit on this video. Gabapentin is A NERVE MEDICATION and nothing more. You absolutely CANNOT get high from it.

  6. Pain docs do prescribe a lot of pain meds! But, asshole docs prescribe a lot of ass cream! People will always find away to deal with life in an alternate way! Stop crying about it!

  7. This drug has ruined my mother. Also, they are making or have made it a scheduled narcotic because they found out people were using it for withdrawal. Doesn't do shit for pain.They want everyone know suboxone or methadone so big pharma and gov't agencies can make money. This does nothing to get u high and doesn't do shit for pain. THIS IS HOW they demonized marijuana back in the 60's…they use like propoganda

  8. These ppl are FUKIN RETARDED if they think u get high off GABS… maybe tired but NOT FUKIN high!!!

  9. Gabapentin and pregabalin (Sorry about the spelling) is a big problem amongst addicts in the UK right now and I know many addicts who are more addicted to these drugs and put them above their heroine and crack cocaine use. It knocks them out completely and turns them into zombies and they believe it will help hem with their primary addiction, only to discover they are in a much worse place. One friend has described her and her partner’s addiction to them as impossible to overcome as they get blinding migraines on top of the usual sickness of withdrawal.
    It’s a problem that is growing so quickly and violently that I can see it overwhelming services that are already struggling near breaking point. I can also see how helpless people can become as there is no standardised treatment for this or other new highs that are flooding the streets in the UK. Services just try to throw people on methadone, but this just adds to the problem and is a cheap alternative for the Government to actually treating the addict properly and with the aim for a drug free life.
    Sorry, but I felt compelled to give my two cents on this subject.

  10. These people are out of control! Gabapentin does not get you high! I been on the same dosage for 3 yrs.
    It is an alternative for neuralgia pain. We that don't take opioids depend on this medication to stay out of nerve pain which is totally different than muscle, organ and other body pain.

  11. Again the media letting as many dope heads that don't know already about an other med to potentially get high off well done

  12. Hi, RN here . This medication was initially for seizures but they found it helped with nerve pain , mood disorders , anxiety, etc . More and more Dr’s are pushing this for pain so 1. They don’t get flagged for RX opiates 2. People aren’t dying from Gabapentin OD . Yes, people who aren’t use to taking it on a regular basis and haven’t built up a tolerance can and do get high by taking a huge amounts in one sitting . Those that have been on it for years have built up a dépendance on it may not have the same experience and it’s going to be hell trying to get off of it . Everyone reacts differently to medications , so if you’ve not experienced it doesn’t mean others haven’t .

  13. What a load of shit. Who would want to take this drug? For me, when it was prescribed to me, it made me feel like crap. Both physically and mentally as well. The skank who did the study was just looking for a topic to do her dissertation on.

  14. Stupid ) 99% over dose because , they take too much. Add other street drugs to it and proabably drink too. A good Doctor, Wouldn’t know if there are patients are abusing their medicine, by doing bloodwork and urine samples all the time.

  15. I take 3600 mgs a day and more and. I dont have additions or anything you are talking about for years i take it and sometimes not for a week it doesnt have no form of effect of whatever your talking about

  16. Shit doesn't do anything for me… My Dr. Tried to prescribe it for my pain… Nothing… No effect at all. No sedation, no euphoria, no feeling at all… Lol

  17. Yea yea everything is an epidemic everything is the end of the world. Yet while the government sits on their high horse and laughs the life of the every day normsl person just continues to get worse and worse. Its so hard to make a living now that its almost impossible to be depressed. They create the machine and then wonder why people are fucked up. Yet its so simple. And these are the people running things…..

  18. Wow.
    For anyone who knows the LEAST LITTLE bit about drugs, gabapentin is a very mild drug that helps people who need it. Of course, ANYTHING can be abused, and will be by junkies. That's what junkies do, ABUSE DRUGS. .
    To even be comparing this to oxycodone on the news is the ultimate stupidity role because inexperienced people may then think oxy will be a similar effect per dosage, and get way too high. Shame on you news. Oh wait, im not suprised the least little bit!

  19. More hysterical bullshit. Hasn't the trump administration done enough damage to cancer and chronic pain patients? There is no opiate epidemic .it's part of trumps agenda for his childish wall


  21. Anything that'll make you feel better or make you feel less sick coming down from other drugs will be for sale… Simple as that

  22. False, false, false. You could take more gabapentin than prescribed but you aren't going to get high, you're going to get sick . And if you take opioid medication with gabapentin, you might end up in the ER.

  23. anyone have success using gabapentin for benzo withdrawal? thats what my dr wants to do for me..Im scared been at 1mg klonopin 4 years now.

  24. I've been on this for 9 years… never abused it. Without it I would be in agony. It doesn't make me high at all…

  25. When you are in any type of severe pain you don't get high . You get some relief from pain . For example , women in labor my receive IV pain medication for awhile . Then the pain of labor overrides the pain medication . The patient might decide on an epidural . The pain is being properly managed . There are many ways to resolve pain . The important point is to resolve the pain .

  26. This is absolutely ludicrous… they are turning to street drugs not neurontin /gabipentin…. if you don’t think big pharma isn’t in cahoots w the government your insane. This is just a way to put money in their hands… they are trying to pull all things away from people who have been on medications for awhile and not trying to find a solution. I have seen a lot of good people go down a bad road because of what they are doing to the drs and patients.

  27. Ive seen ppl selling Lyrica at my outpatient treatment center. Gaba helps u sleep, especially when in withdrawl from opiates. But it DOES NOT get u high.. This story misses the mark.. Smh

  28. This is complete utter bull shit.. Its an epileptic drug for neurological problems/ diseases.. ANY ONE could take ANY pill and try to get high off of it. The people that get themselves addicted to these take them to feel normal again..what high they think they feel is just dizziness.. Im not stupid i know what addiction is and i know what alcoholism is and i been down that road…ive also grown up n lived my life with MANY people who allowed drugs to take control of there lives… All of a sudden we have an epidemic?!? I CALL IT BULL SHIT. This is just more worthless lies being fed to us because the govt wants more control. Boohoo. Cry me a river…and go jump in it. All this dumb shit makes it harder and harder for people like me who have legit health problems,real disease, real pain- to have proper medicine we need to keep functioning. This is all bullshit. ALL OF A SUDDEN WE HAVE AN EPIDEMIC boohoo.. Dumbest shit i EVER heard in my life..

  29. Cigarette addiction…alcohol…this is nuts.
    All people wanna do,is zone out and not deal with anything

  30. They are perpetuating a class division by not acknowledging their own popular vices namely ALCOHOL. That's part of the liberal media agenda.

  31. Gabapentin DOES give you a buzz if you take a lot of it. Nothing like OxyContin but still it is used alone or with opiates for some euphoria. Believe me on this, it does get you high. But nothing crazy. If you're on suboxone it increases the effects in my opinion

  32. I have taken a lot of this shit and never really feelt anything. Maybe a bit of a appetite. And I don't even know if it was from that. People keep saying they get high. But not me.

  33. LOL The new Oxy! LOL this shit is for retards with brain trouble and nerve pain. It does not get you high, it does very little to nothing for mild mild mild detox symptoms and if anything it just makes you a tad sleepy when you first take it. It's a Nerve blocker basically and it was made to treat seizures in mental health related cases where a safer then Depakote drug was needed. With Depakote you have to have blood drawn every week or month to check for Toxic levels but not with Gaby

  34. Unfortunately people apparently shoot it..not sure of terminology…they break it down and use a needle. I was told it gives a body stone. I was on this for fibromyalgia but it didn't help me much. When I brought the medication back to the pharmacy a lady came up to me after hearing me talk about it and offered to buy them off of me and explained what they did. I turned her down but was blown away by some of the things people use to get high!

  35. Gabapentin helps my anxiety and nerve pain tremendously.should be against the law because it has made me a happier person and a more productive worker. It has also been an aid in my sobriety. We can't have that can we?

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  37. I tried it just to try it and it definitely shouldn't be put in the same class as Oxy. The only thing I felt was dizziness and sleepiness and calmness. I was not high. Maybe I did it wrong wrong.

  38. Anybody who takes gabapentin or it's name brand nuerontin for pain or withdrawal is very desperate.

  39. Wow now gabapentin. I can't believe this news story !! Ive been taking it for years it has little to no effect on you as a Tylenol would. That's the trouble with the news when they don't have a news story they have to make something up. If they keep on Drs.won't be able to prescribe anything. They will just have to fold up shop and quit. And the pharmaceutical companies to. I don't no about you guys but I think the m.s.m. is our worst enemy.

  40. man gabapenting its from god you cant say shit about it alcohol kills fucking billions of people and gabapenting just fix you up like nothing else in this earth and you put it on the news tryna make it look like a fucking schedule 2 drug or some shit you people are dumb as fuck anything you can abuse can be toxic or deadly gabapentin aint deadlly and it helps alot of people this is not weed what we are talking about does any body noticed? anything that gets you fixed they wanna take it off from you this people are retards gabapenting its the best thing ever happened in my life i haved a bunch of fucking problems i tough i had them its a wierd thing but i tought i haved them built in to my nerve system like social anxiety my feet would fucking shake i wanna pee so much my back hurts my hips hurt then gabapentin crossed into my life thanks by the best person i have in my life wich is my grandma she use it to until this day she is fucking 83 and she gets high out of fucking gabbapentin and she is happy
    she gave me 3 300mg and ohh boy it fixed things up when i said its not deadly i mean fuck the other just saw online a girl took 30 pill 600mg trying tofucking suicide and she didnt die in fact she goot so fucked up i bet she was super super high and almost got i read about it and it seems gabapenting is not metabolized in your liver or some shit its straight to the blood straight to your brain straight to your bones and nerves so it has a low low toxicity

  41. Gabapentin has helped me. It doesn’t make you high. Is this just lopsided news? I hope they don’t ruin it for the legitimate people that this medicine has helped.

  42. i take gabapentin for nerve pain after getting hit by a car and i have never felt high from this and it has never felt addicting

  43. this is laughable…. im a heroin addict(trying to recover). and fucking my gabbys aint doing nothing compared to heroin or oxy… 😂😂😂😂😂 but they do fucking help my leg pains so dont fuck it up ppl!!!!

  44. Lyrics was prescribed and I took it for 5 days, I couldn't walk without hanging onto the walls. Then gabepentin and it was only half as bad. It took awhile to get used to it but it helps nerve pain. Next Tylenol will have some stupid street name and cdc will go after that. This is getting ridiculous. Just put all us pain patients in a line and gun us down. That would be more humane then making us suffer without any quality of life. Ban ibuprofen, meloxicam, naproxen because that burns holes in my stomach but I take it because I HURT.

  45. Omg I was given Gabapentin for nerve damage in our country it's A controlled Drug, I was on it for 2 years and found it wasn't working, I never got a high feeling so I don't understand how people do.
    I've been off Gabapentin for a year now, but been having bouts of leg spasms so my dr has put me on pregablin* been on it a week, and it makes me drowsy & very emotional and I noticed I find it hard to swallow.

  46. My Doctor put me on gab 600mg half a pill 3 Times a day. My personal opinion. It makes me feel so drowsy. Wish I didn’t have to take anything, but they help with my pain. Good but it gets you really high. 🤦🏾‍♀️😩

  47. These people are morons. Gabapentin does not get people high nor comes anywhere close to oxy. It just calms people down. More fake news and fake hype

  48. That drug is trash.. don’t make it out to be Oxy it’s a shit drug it don’t get you high.. nobody calls it Johnny’s but the news .

  49. This is bullshit I've taken it for years for my phantom pain get your hands off my medication I take mine once a day versus 3 times a day people with neuropathy it doesn't get you high

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