Woman Claims Daughter Is Addicted To Adderall, Has Hallucinations And Delusions

Woman Claims Daughter Is Addicted To Adderall, Has Hallucinations And Delusions


  1. Shes has got to be on crazy doses . Most likely taking way more then she is supposed to.
    Unless she is really on meth. Because that is more fitting

  2. What she dont undetstand is her mother did the best thing because they could of taken the kids and put them in foster care. I mean i think grandma is the best other than that. She should be thankful for that until she can get well and get them back

  3. Adderall is a Form of Legal Meth! Yes! Its Addictive and Yes! Her behavior is typical because she’s probably up for days! I know because I used to be addicted to it! Glad that I beat it hope she does too🙏

  4. Jeez,
    She is on more then just ADD medications or overdosing it big time. I've been on adderall for nearly 20 years and I'm functioning normally, not like some kind of speed freak.

  5. Nah she ain't having delusions she has ascended to a higher realm of thinking than all of us she is lesser to but almost equal to god himself.

  6. This is a result of the pharmaceutical industry!!!! Change your diet,workout…..this work I have a medical condition that I require adderall,morphine and oxycodone plus some other medications!!! After 3yrs doing those changes on my diet and exercise I'm free from this pharmaceutical mafia!!!!

  7. Ugh this makes me so sick and yet so heartbreaking at the same time. This mom reminds me so much of my own mom. She loves her kids very much. But she can’t even take care of herself. Grandma didn’t “steal” the kids from her. She saved them from her. She can’t take care of those kids. Hopefully Dr.Phil can help her get better so she can take care of herself and then get her kids back.

  8. I’ve my daughters two kids for 6 years. CPS also devised a 6 step plan to get her kids back and she also said I’m not going to do those things. Now I have custody.

  9. Being on adderall she probably doesn’t sleep, which is probably causing her to hallucinate. Or she’s just crazy lol

  10. Nah shes gotta have an underlying condition like schizophrenia and just happened to start to take adderal at the time she started to spiral out. The adderal must be making it worst. From experience adderal does make you do everything to the extreme especially when you abuse it. (Talking, Cleaning, moving, staying awake) Its almost like ecstasy in my opinion. That was like 6 years ago in my younger years. I dont f around anymore. So i know now (being sober) i used to be super extra when i was on it🤦🏽. But i never knew anyone (and i knew alot of addy heads) that heard voices and hallucinations. Everyone's different i guess.

  11. Let me tell you I used to take adderall and it is definitely speed the first time I took it I was up for 3 days with the most intense euphoria I have ever felt in my entire life. Even if it’s prescribed to you doesn’t mean you need it.

  12. This lady has something else wrong or doesn't actually have ADHD or is taking waaay too much.
    If I don't get enough sleep I'll start to have auditory hallucinations. If I really don't get enough sleep, visual hallucinations will accompany the auditory. But I still know that these things aren't real. I don't mistaken it for real voices. This is why I think something else might be wrong with her.

  13. Nah, what other drugs is she on? Bc she definitely is on other drugs..most likely other psych drugs. Even if she quits all drugs, it will be years bf she is sane again.

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