Woman Rotted Her Smile with 6-Can-a-Day Soda Addiction

Woman Rotted Her Smile with 6-Can-a-Day Soda Addiction


  1. Cautionary tale. Everyone needs to see this. So glad I don't have this kind of drinking habit. I'll take a glass of spring water over cola any day.

  2. Good thing I pretty much hate soda. I brush my teeth with turmeric baking soda and tea tree oil. The best toothpaste.

  3. I never really cared for Cola's. I always knew that you can pour one over a rusted tailgate & it would destroy the damage & look brand new. Too, my niece, when she was young was having stomach cramps & they found out that cola's were eating up the lining of her stomach.

  4. Wtf? Does she not brush her teeth after ?
    Does she lack certain vitamins in her diet?
    I refuse to believe the cause is only soda.

  5. Okay so she had an ugly Smile as a teenager she's actually prettier in the face now then she was then and I love how she doesn't want to take responsibility for what is an obvious thing proper warnings what come on everybody knows that sugar is bad for your teeth and the problem isn't all soda she quit going to the dentist you're supposed to go every 6 months

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