Women drug a man at the bar, plan to rob him | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Women drug a man at the bar, plan to rob him | What Would You Do? | WWYD

These two ladies look like they’re just out for some fun But their good time will be at someone else’s expense hi have we met before Well, I think I would remember you ladies, it’s nice to meet you now, I’m Mike, how are you What may look like harmless flirtation? Hey don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back. Okay? Is actually a dangerous scam. Oh, yeah, this would be the easiest money we’ve ever made here targeting wealthy man and Drugging them to steal their money If you saw this What would you do? The scene of the crime is Spanky’s that college hangout in Chapel Hill home to the University of North Carolina’s oldest campus Mmm, no, I think I’d remember you guys right away. These ladies have our deceptive duo under surveillance Listen, don’t run run anywhere. I’ll be right back. Okay while he’s away Our girl puts the powder in his drink We’re gonna lose my mug who’s fine, I don’t think yeah Okay, I don’t think it’ll be that they’re gonna do she gives the girls one last warning Don’t say anything And when Mike returns she does just that What are you talking about they like something in your drink while you’re in Check around Let’s go meet these brave women. I’m John quinones you okay? You’re really upset It’s wrong. It’s like not only illegal, but it’s dangerous lives at risk Like no one should not be in control of their own body because of someone else what would you do we’re rolling again? How are you covering Lee this couple watches silently as she drugs his drink But when Mike returns They put something in my drink And now they launch an investigation you Put something in my drink they’re just making they’re clearly they can stuff up. You wouldn’t call the police. Really? Yeah You guys are liars Wow Wow Time to tell him it’s a made-for-tv movie It’s what would you do? Well, I guess we did the right thing. I know We have a college student here. So it’s real eye-opening of how quickly that can happen Keep your hand on your door go to bathroom tickity Throughout the day Mike ignores that advice but plenty of people do have his back This man sees something and says something And Then he offers some liquid relief abide by anyone this student wars Mike not to leave with the young women What I saw sir your drink when you’ve got it the restroom for my drink. What do you mean? I thought they put something in there She’s so rich. This is gonna be so funny And this woman She quickly alerts the bartender That means dream and she just gave him a quick before 10 are You John quinones Leaving I’ve seen you on TV before I’ve seen this show before We came South to see how people would react here. Right when I saw that I was horrified So I would hope someone went to that for me gives your faith in humanity We roll one last time you think this is enough. I think that’s enough. That’s plenty these patrons sense. Something isn’t right Mike you should drink all that have some fun with us let loose. Oh, yes, you can it’s a good thing bang for your buck Cheers again cheers Cheers And now we tell our actor Mike to pretend he’s feeling the effects of the drug feel a little dizzy That’s not good. I’m sorry Do you need to lie down we can take you back to your apartment later when the girls leave Mike alone I just chugged this. Yeah, but are you sure they didn’t do something to that? I saw one of them touch that while you were gone Hey, what do you know them know just so they just walk in and they’re and five minutes later They’re trying to get you to leave with them It did taste a little string. What do you what is that supposed to be? It’s a Jack and Coke Look at the stuff around there. We will take care of you and let them go they seem like nice girls I think kind of kind of like them. They’re nice and now our predators return to take home their prey You ready? Mike needs to go with y’all we’ll work on weapons We got I got my car outside so we can take you we had two drivers right here Too of course, I’m only ten minutes away You promised over I got a girl keep pushing it act like he’s leaving we’re coming up you’re making a huge mistake Will you take me home? Probably they’re gonna take you home It’s okay, he’s not going anywhere Absolutely, I just knew that that wasn’t this just wasn’t the vibe wasn’t right. He’s a stranger you don’t know him gosh I don’t mean that side I would hope it’s human nature I Just can’t imagine anybody reacting differently to that. They’re a moral to the story here First hope hope people look out for each other Thank you. Very good job


  1. How to get free drinks just have a secret friend in disguise tell them something’s up right before your done boom free drink

  2. am I the only one that noticed that the big ass cameras they’ve got have a gopro on and the cameras are just to make it look more professional?

  3. I'm at the bar drinkin' a beer
    John Quinnonos walks in and
    says: "Welcome at what would you do, the beer was a paid actor"

  4. Big difference here being…that if it was guys drugging girls, nobody would be offering the guys to go home….they would be calling the police

  5. What would I do? I would act like I'm drinking the drink, then act doped up, then leave with the 2 ho's. Then bang both of them

  6. At 3.42 when John touches her hand and she pulls her hand in to herself is soooooooo me 😂😂😂 it was subtle but I caught it. I dislike conversational touches. It's so annoying to me when people talk to you and touch, tap, push, or use you as a prop for their dialogue. 😂😂😂 I know John's touch was harmless ijs everyone isn't so open to it #TRIBE

  7. Despite what society often tells you, there's nothing wrong with being a SNITCH in a situation like this: someone that is being a major problem or about to cause a major problem.

    Before I testified, though, I would make sure I was ready to meet YAHUWAH(YHWH)! As with Joshua Brown(unless you believe he wasn't killed in connection with Amber Guyger), you could end up dead, either to silence you and/or as revenge! If you get subpoenaed, then it's TIME to repent first! That's how dangerous court testifying truly is!

  8. The last couple were told they did a good job where I feel they failed miserably they sat and allowed the man to drink the concoction they were too late to warn him because that could of been poison or the effect of the drug could of given him an immediate heart attack my point is you don't wait for the person to drink then warn them you warn them before so they are not endangered. They were cowards.

  9. I think one day people will actually get robbed or shot in broad day light and people around will think it's just a prank.

  10. *notices it's the same guy who was harassing the guy with downs syndrome and let's him get drugged.

  11. what would I do? Seeing the blondie I don't think Buffy would enjoy that. She would give her "sisters" the slayer word there

  12. Lmao I live in Durham like 10 minutes from Franklin street and no lie them campus girls will really try to do some shit like this

  13. Dude, I'd demand five free hits of whatever they put in the drink or I'd tell the dude–after he told me how he was feeling twenty minutes later.

  14. I don't think this one is difficult. There is little or no cost to the observer if he/she decides to intervene. Almost anyone would try to save a guy from that situation unless the guy is an asshole.

  15. WWYD? I’d hit a bitch. If I saw this being done to any kind of man, I’d knock her the fuck out and call the cops after. No one should get drugged and then taken advantage off, that’s cruel and you’re an animal. So yes, cardi b is an animal.

  16. These fuckers must get decades of jail. This is not a scam, this is MUCH WORSE. Cops, etc etc. I want JUSTICE FOR MEN TOO.

  17. Like this isn't new a majority of women do these kind of tactics all the time especially getto snowflakes because there unintelligent man child tells them to do this & there more than willing to do it this says a lot about women no morals & consideration but what do you accept go looking in the getto & you'll behave like the getto doubt it will ever change

  18. seems like the last couple was about to let him leave with the two girls, the couple seemed really scared to intervene too much. that's why the lady ran off when the camera crew came in, she probably felt guilty

  19. The last man watched this happen in its entirety AND THEN and only then after he downs the whole drink that he informs he's been drugged. 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  20. Lol.. if you notice at around 3:05 the people in the background are the ones that pop up at around 4:37. Haha they knew it was a setup and just wanted to be on TV.. lmao

  21. I find it very telling that not one person even tried to call the police when they saw the women drug his drink. First thing would be to go around the corner and call the police so that the poisoners wouldn't be on to me, and have my friend warn him when he got back

  22. Okay but they ARE being the most conspicuous about putting it in the drink. I think in real life they would've put it under he bar

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