Xbox One Playscore Scoop November and December 2017 | 30 Best New XB1 games reviewed

Xbox One Playscore Scoop November and December 2017 | 30 Best New XB1 games reviewed

30 Games have just received their PlayScores
on the Xbox One last November and December 2017. Lets’ check them out right now! Rocket League – Fast & Furious. Fans of the adrenaline-pumping racing franchise,
The Fast and The Furious, will have a lot to enjoy in this latest DLC. Kick the ball around the arena with Dom’s
classic 1970 Dodge Charger, or put the pedal to the metal in 1999 Nissan Skyline. A little smaller than most expected, it has
a Provisional PlayScore of 4.58. Destiny 2 – Expansion 1: Curse of Osiris. Not exactly the best start in Bungie’s effort
to expand their space-exploration fps. Curse of the Osiris places you in an albeit
new, but undeniably sparse world. With a bland addition to their campaign and
story, and precious little fixes to their endgame, it receives a Provisional PlayScore
of 6.04. Hello Neighbor. Looks like the world is still pretty unsure
what to think of tinyBuild’s latest survival title. Powered by a self-learning AI that adjusts
to your varying strategies, your goal is to uncover the secrets of your mysterious neighbor’s
basement. An interesting concept that fell victim to
the internet’s fickle whims, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.09. Need for Speed Payback. A threefold serving of the series’ usual dragracing
hijinx, take on the role of three characters as they conquer the crime-infested streets
of this open-world racing adventure. Unfortunately for us, there’s less of the
testosterone addled car chases, and more of EA’s now signature microtransactions. It’s one bad fiscal year for EA, with a PlayScore
of 6.21. Call of Duty: WWII. What could be seen as Sledgehammer’s return
to roots, seems merely like another lazy shot at their age-old formula. Following the events that surrounded the history
Operation Overlord, step into the battlefield of the second world war and take in the sounds
of the gunplay and explosions. No departure from the usual, but enjoyable
at the least, it has a PlayScore of 6.3. America’s Greatest Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune
& Jeopardy. What is it about America’s love for watching
people buy vowels and answer questions in interrogative form? Well, whatever it is, it’s not in Ubisoft’s
adaptation of the two biggest game shows in history. Spin the wheel round, solve the mystery phrase,
and answer those highfalutin trivia–just don’t expect to be as good as the classics. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.33. Black Mirror. No, this is not the Netflix show about ruinous
technology that you binged last holidays. Actually quite the opposite, this Black Mirror
is an ode to the early 2000’s point-and-click adventure released on the PC. Set in a Scottish ancestral manor during 1926,
help a young boy solve the mystery behing his father’s death. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.35. Star Wars: Battlefront II. One of the most awaited first-person shooters
in 2017 turned out to be another one of EA’s messy, capitalist ploys. Barring the recent controversy, this sequel
to a much appreciated reboot sought to bring new content in the universe of perpetual war. Packed wtih new game modes, maps, and heroes
to choose from, it should’ve and could still be the Star Wars experience we all wanted. It has a PlayScore of 6.52. Bush Hockey League. Hockey is an oft misunderstood yet largely
enjoyed sport all around the world–and this title isn’t doing it any favors. Inspired by the 1997 film Slap Shot, Bush
Hockey channels the old timey feels of the 70s. What it gains with its stylistic choices,
it inevitably loses with its laggy gameplay and annoying crashes. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.63. Outcast: Second Contact. A trailblazer of the open world action adventure
genre, Second Contact is Outcast’s rise from the ashes. It’s an opportunity to revisit the lush biomes
of the original cult classic. Take on quests around the diverse Adelpha,
and master the ecosystems of the alien planet. It has a PlayScore of 6.66. The Sims 4. Leaving the PC for the first time, Maxis brings
the latest in their long-running simulation series to the consoles. It’s time to live out your dream lives around
their homey suburbs, or become the woohoo machine you were destined to become. With some issues regarding its camera controls,
it receives a PlayScore of 6.81. Steep: Road to the Olympics. A wintry expansion to Ubisoft’s extreme sports
title. A preparation for the coming Olympics, this
new Steep add-on will let you pave your way to worldwide recognition in brand new events. Show off your skills in events like Slalom,
Super Gs, and so much more. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.97. Insects: An Xbox One X Enhanced Experience. Flutter into the ultra immersive world of
Insects in this stunning demonstration. Originally built for developers, it’s an interactive
experience that lets you compare and contrast the vast differences between today’s visual
technologies–from Ultra HD, HDR, and 4K resolutions. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.09. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The pioneer of one today’s most emulated genres,
PUBG revitalizes the legacy of the merciless Battle Royale. After its stint in Early Access, Bluehole’s
1 vs 100 TPS has garnered a remarkable following since. In this open-world style battle for survival,
it’s kill or be killed. It has a PlayScore of 7.19. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode
5: Don’t Stop Belivin. A daring mix of drama and humor will greet
in this fifth installment of Telltale’s take on the Marvel Guardians. Journey along with your heroic quintet, and
find out what happens next in their quest for an ancient relic. More decisions to make in this chapter, with
a Provisional PlayScore of 7.22. Sonic Forces. One of two Sonic releases in 2017, this 3D
platforming adventure just wasn’t as good as their 2D adventures. While it lets you customize your very own
Sonic character, their breakneck stages might seem way too fast for comfort. But, with an ode to their pixel roots, it
receives a PlayScore of 7.27. The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC. In a planet engulfed by catastrophic destruction,
comes one massive theme park for Surge’s challenge-seeking players. Uncover the mysteries of this massive death
trap as you survive each with their bosses and lethal attractions. This definitely not your ordinary theme park
experience. it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.47. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Prepare for another round of block-powered,
superhero action in this sequel to LEGO’s Marvel adventures. Hang out with your favorite marvel characters
in the open world of Chronopolis, packed with familiar sites from the films and comics. It’s another hilarious brick breaking adventure,
with a PlayScore of 7.56. Super Lucky’s Tale. This 3D platforming adventure takes you to
a virtual reality experience of cheerful childhood wonder. A fun-filled journey reminiscent of the N64
days, aid their super cute protagonist as he rescues his sister and brings the Book
of Ages to rightful hands. Known for their vivid worlds and loveable
characters, it has a PlayScore of 7.65. A Hat in Time. A platform action adventure game that’s not
unlike Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey in terms of style and creativity. Rekindle that childish sense of wonder as
you help a young girl return to her home world. Roam around its enchanting world, and use
your imagination to solve the various puzzles. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.72. Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode
3: Hell is Empty. Help Max’s blue haired other half weather
the storms of her own life in this third and final chapter to DeckNine’s Life is Strange
spinoff. Attempting to cap off Chloe’s confrontations
with family, friends, and her own self, you can expect this to be an emotional, albeit
messy, conclusion. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.84. Hand of Fate 2. A hybrid of card and deckbuilding games, roguelike,
and a sprinkle of action–Hand of Fate’s sequel brings us another suspenseful battle against
the mysterious dealer. Decide your fate with each card you play,
and survive every obstacle that comes in your way. With fresh new ideas added to their already
great premise, it receives a Provisional PlayScore of 7.84. ARK: Aberration. An expansion pack for the popular open world
survival game, Aberration places you in a derelict ARK that’s rife with exotic creatures
and unexplored biomes. New challenges await you as you try on new
wingsuits and gear, and face-off with the light-averse Nameless. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.99. Steven Universe: Save the Light. Moving away from their mobile apps, Cartoon
Network’s adorable band of misfits has come to the console. Distilling their adventures into an exciting
RPG, Join Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven(!) as they partake in turn-based puzzle solving
around the vibrant, gem-filled universe. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8. L.A. Noire. 2011’s hit neo noir adventure is making a
remarkable return, amping up the investigation details with graphical enhancements worthy
of today’s generation. While there’s not much changes in terms of
story, it does make use of the best animation technology to better capture the facial nuances
of each eyewitness. Already a beloved title, it has a PlayScore
of 8.16. Sky Force Reloaded. A success on the mobile, Infinite Dreams has
also brought their addicting shooter to the console. Taking in the spirit of the retro arcade era,
Skyforce Reloaded counteracts the usually shortlived shmup formula with an unconventional
progression system that challenges every step of the way. It has a PlayScore of 8.22. Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow. An additional storyline for SEGA’s latest
Sonic title. Putting aside their usual star, this expansion
brings the cool, black and red hedgehog into center stage. Watch him spin dash through three high speed
stages and use his powerful homing attacks to take down each enemy bot. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.66. OKAMI HD. A masterful take on a PlayStation 2 classic. This remaster of the 2006 action adventure
turns the already visually stimulating title into a modern spectacle. Enter the watercolor world of the Amaterasu,
and use his magical paintbrush to fight against his world mythical creatures. It has a PlayScore of 8.75. Hitman: Game of the Year Edition. Relive the stealth adventures of your favorite
hitman in this definitive version of their killer first season. Other than the inclusion of all previous missions
and locations, this bundle will also have an all-new four mission campaign that puts
Agent 47 in a global race against time. It has a Provisional PlayScore 8.99. World of Tanks: X Edition. If you haven’t played World of Tanks yet,
then this enhanced version of the vehicular combat title just might be the best opportunity. Crafted for the Xbox One X, it boasts all
of the battlefield antics you loved in full 4k resolution. Watch out for PTSD in this most immersive
World of Tanks version yet. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.


  1. You know what's shitty, I bought all those HD collections on 360 and can't even play them lmao, Devil may cry, Metal Gear solid, and Silent HD Collection. Then they Remaster a Remastered version of Resident evil 4 and sell it back to me. Damn There's a lot of Ass raping in the gaming industry.

  2. Does anyone find it to be strange that one of the top 'play-scoring' games on this Xbox One list is originally a PS2 game? Okami HD not to disregard how awesome you are, but just sayin'

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