1. This woman had an affair for 2 years before they had kids …. Hmmm that was when this man should of divorced her and Walked away….. NOT stay & have kids with her.

  2. I feel it is more the mothers fault from what i hear she is constantly riling him up and then playing the victim she cheats steals lies and talks bad behind his back doesnt work and the worst of this all is is that he doesnt actually hit his children but she does although he is a bad person and a bad father these behavior stem mostly from the way his family treated him for years probably the mom then because the children heard it every day they also begin to think like that making him even more frustrated and not having a family where he could open up his true feelings to they become bottled up it is a very vicious cycle i think he should see a psychiatrist for a few months where he can in a secure situation trow out all those negative emotions and see the children in a controlled environment preferably somewhere in a public setting and work from there if that doest work they should just cut off contact it would be a lot healthier for all of them

  3. I can see through this guy I believe he was abusive to his wife and kids but never said anything to a man because he's a coward and the wife probably was terrified

  4. He obviously is insecure because he is only concerned about himself.. A Father (in my opinion) is someone who is responsible, who can protect you, teach you and help you become a better person
    This guy is non of that…

  5. Did that assbag just put his wife's (secret?) "molestation" history on blast?? In front of national tv?! I would've played the divorce card before I even walked down the aisle….

  6. What is this guy even talking about? Everything that comes out of his mouth is to blame anyone but him. He is a horrible person.

  7. "Terrible father and worse husband", yet she remains in the marriage. Both parties are insecure. Both parties are not being good parents.

  8. But yet you stayed and allowed him to hurt your kids over and over and over. You should have left and protected those kids a long time ago. You're two aren't the victims. Those kids are!

  9. Why does she act like she is so high and mighty about an affair that he had but she don't think hers is bad cause it was before they had kids. They both r pathetic and delusional. She had a two year affair and thinking it ain't a big deal because it was before they had kids. 🤣 She calls him a pathetic father and husband but in reality they r both equally pathetic and horrible.

  10. Thank you ,God ,for my husband of 41 years and the best father/grandfather to our 7 kids & 7 grandchildren.
    Just this week he took a birthday lunch to our granddaughter at her school. He is the opposite of this man & I’m so grateful💞💫

  11. I got so mad when he starts sharing the wife's story of being sexually abused, that wasn't his story to tell that was very personal to her I'm sure

  12. Ummm Dr phil…. You need to tell that man to shut up you're just letting that man yell all that dirt on that woman!!!! Someone hit that guy plz

  13. Omg. Every time anybody says anything about him he attacks viciously. He is a pathetic narcissistic loud annoying monster. Omg

  14. Narcissis with his deflective tactics, Gas Lighting everyone, Throwing every one under the bus..This man will never take acountability. Thank God Dr Phil is a pro. This woman and her children need counseling from his Narcissistic abuse. He exhaust my Brain in 5 min. Go no contact lady!!! Get help for your children and yourself!

  15. These poor children 😢 how are these people still married ? How dare he bring up his wife’s abuse without her consent ? This whole family is in crisis …so sad

  16. Honestly she’s worse than he is I promise that, you can tell from her tone and the way she reacts, no wonder the father gets annoyed.. regardless, the family’s broken and needs to put their focus on their children instead of the problems they have with eachother.

  17. I feel for the kids. I can’t imagine how this household must have been. I hope so sooooooo much that these kids can have a good life besides two horrible parents.

  18. The mom can act protective of her children how much she wants. She is even worse than the stupid father. She didn’t care to protect her children and now on Dr. Phils show she is so protective of her children? Wow, seems like both of you never desserved to have children at all.

  19. This man is exactly like my father, my mother killed herself, fast foreword into my adult life, now I’m lost, depressed, addicted to drugs, gay, and moved thousands of miles away from by myself. Life is great. Family life is important, remember that.

  20. “Everyone is wrong but me. I’m right. I’m always right.” That pretty much what it sounds like he’s saying. Every time the attention is on him he changes it to someone else.

  21. I enjoy Dr. Phil and obviously this for drama and entertainment, but I graduated with my degree in clinical counseling and he does the exact opposite of what mental health clinicians are trained to do lol

  22. I feel bad for all of them, just look at them, Argument over argument over argument like a couple of 10 year olds fighting over candy or something 🤦, so ridiculous, and everything is about themselves and not their kids, proof of bad parenting. I absolutely respect the daughter for still being on the right track despite going through all this, it's bizarre seeing kids raised in such conditions.

  23. To be honest I can’t even be mad at the guy..He’s to stupid to hate..and the mom is just as bad she just seems the quiet type about it..but I guarantee what goes on in her head is exactly how he acts out loud.

  24. The father is a despicable father, everyone got that covered already
    But the victim mentality of the mother rubs me the wrong way ..

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