You have a very strange urge. It’s an attack. It’s true, Man of God. And you are a beautiful woman. There is an attack – urge. You cannot be satisfied. It’s true, Man of God. And that has caused sore in your private parts. All the time you disturb your private parts. It’s true, Man of God. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name In the name of Jesus Christ, I demand for release! Be released, in the name of Jesus! Thank You. Set Free In Jesus’ Name TESTIMONY CONTINUES My name is Hannah Mgemezulu. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Malawi. This is my mother and the other one is my sister. Last week, the man of God gave me a prophecy and that prophecy is true. When I was 13 years old, I used to feel that this part of my body was heavy and I had a strange urge which began at that age. Because my father was a pastor, I used to tell him to pray for me as I had no feeling on one side of my body. He would pray for me and tell me that I was delivered. The next day, I would ask him, “Dad, pray for me; the same feeling I was having yesterday is still there”. He would pray for me and say, “You are delivered!” Then, I just gave up as I could not be telling him every day to pray for me. After that, I went to a boarding school where I was exposed to the world. My friends introduced me to drinking, which I started to do. From the first day I started drinking, I liked alcohol very much and I never stopped drinking. And what age were you when you started drinking alcohol? I started drinking at the age of 15. Then I continued drinking, going out with my friends until in that secondary school, I was expelled. They removed me from the school. We would drink, hold parties and started destroying the school. After that, my mum took me to a school because my father was angry at me and refused to pay my school fees. My mum then took me to this day secondary school where she was paying my school fees. For the whole term, I can say I attended school for one week. I would go to school but then go off with my friends, straight to the town to buy alcohol and drink. Then, I would go back to school and start making noise and would be expelled again. I wrote exams; then I went to university where I was exposed to a newer kind of freedom. As I was far away from home, I had freedom – my mum and dad were not there. I started drinking excessively; every day I would get drunk. After class or maybe on the way to class, I would be drinking. After three weeks, I met this boy who was smoking Indian Hemp. I asked him what he was smoking. He told me that it was weed, that it could make me high. I told him that I wanted to get high and then he introduced me to weed. I loved the weed so much – more than alcohol. I would smoke it and in class, they would call me ‘Banana’ – that was my name now. Beautiful and high nana because I was always high. If you saw my eyes then, you could not see the white area as it looked not even red but black. Brown – I don’t know what I can call it. I would drink in the morning and evening; everywhere I went, I would drink. My father died and I was alone. I used to cry about his death but then I would forget about it. My mum believed that her giving me money, led to my drinking and so she reduced the amount of money she would send me. She would just send me enough money for food or pocket money; I could count it, and it wasn’t enough to support my drinking habit. I told my mum when I was on holiday, “Mum, are you serious? You have stopped giving me money! Your daughter!” She said, “Yes, I have stopped”. I told her, “I will find money in my own way!” I then challenged my mum, “I will follow men!” I then started following men. I would tell the men I followed that I loved them, whereas I loved their money because I wanted them to buy me alcohol; I wanted to drink every day. I would just come out from my house, start walking, without knowing where I was going I would just find myself in the bar. I would drink and people would just buy me alcoholic drinks. This led to me following men. My boyfriend left me and he told me, “Ah, you are a prostitute! “How can I be with a girl who follows men just because of alcohol!” Then he dumped me. Because people knew that I loved alcohol, two girls in the fourth year invited me to their room to drink. They bought me wine and a bottle of vodka. We started drinking. After I got drunk, they both slept with me. After that, the spirit of man entered me and whenever a woman would pass me, I would want to look at her behind. Because I was shy and could not approach the women, it led me to masturbation; I would just look at the women and then masturbate. It also led me to pornography. Also, when I was in the third year, at a party drinking, two boys raped me which led me to start hating men. I did not like men anymore. That led to frequent masturbation. I would masturbate five times a day, just to satisfy myself. But I was still not satisfied. The drinking, smoking and masturbation did not satisfy me. When I was dissatisfied, I would drink more than any man – they could not challenge me when it came to drinking alochol. I would drink and smoke maybe 15 blunts a day. Because of my drinking and smoking, I wasn’t going to school. I was suspended for the first time and then went back to school. I continued with the same behaviour – challenging my teachers, saying funny things in class, before being suspended for the second time. One day, I was sitting and looking at my mum as she was crying and complaining about me. My neighbours would be saying all sorts of bad things about me. I told her she had her God. She had taken me to a lot of different places but no solution. I would even challenge pastors, telling them that they could not deliver me. I would tell them, “You deliver me today, I’ll drink again tomorrow; I’m even high now”. Just after they would pray for me, I would go out, smoke and come back to tell them, “I have smoked the weed. Have you prayed for me?” My mum would complain. Emmanuel TV would always be on in our house and we would watch it. I believed that the man of God, T.B. Joshua, was the only one who had the power to deliver me from the evil spirit within me. So, I told my mum not to waste her money on school fees as I knew that if she sent me to school, I would be suspended again. I told her to take me to the man of God, and then that’s when she brought me here. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! So you mean, even to the point where you came here, you were still smoking, still drinking, still engaging in all of these things just before you arrived here in the church. Yes, the week before I came here, I was drinking more than I used to. I told my mum, “Let me drink for the last time because I know that this man of God, T.B. Joshua, will deliver me”. I had never fallen down before. Before, I had never fallen down upon receiving prayer, I would just laugh at them. I said, “Mum, I know that this pastor will deliver me. This will be my last time drinking”. I was drinking until the day that I came here. Wow, we thank God that God brought you here to The SCOAN. You said, in your experience, when you were being prayed for, you never had an experience of falling down or receiving a touch from the anointing of Jesus Christ. Can you describe to us: When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for you, what happened to you? Just describe that experience. At first he was moving and touching everyone. When he touched me, I felt something and became so angry; I wanted to scream but I don’t know what happened. After that, he came and and gave me a word of prophecy. I don’t know how to explain how I felt. I felt this power in me and on this part of my body, something just left me and my heart became so free. I had never been sober since I was 15 years old but after my deliverance, I am high on something I had been searching for – I am fully satisfied! That’s how I feel. Wow. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! That is an encounter with the power of God. Sister, it has been one week now. Just testify – how is your life now after the deliverance and the prophecy? What are the changes you’ve experienced in your life? I’m so free in my heart. Previously, I had the spirit of anger. I used to be very angry. I would tell my mum that my head was hurting but I would be angry for nothing. Now, I am so free. I feel light and I can talk to my mum and sister freely. My heart is free. I don’t have bad dreams. I know there are beautiful women here, but I don’t have the desire to look at them. I don’t know what happened. It’s just not in me anymore. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! We saw in the prophecy that the man of God said that you would even attempt to satisfy yourself throughmasturbation, to the point that you would even injure yourself. But since that prophecy and deliverance, every urge for those things has disappeared, is that right? Yes, completely. I don’t have the urge to masturbate anymore. I’ve been sleeping properly. I sleep the whole night, and that urge is no longer in me – I don’t masturbate anymore. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ one more time! So, sister, we believe you’ll be in a position to give a word of advice, especially to young people out there who may be living the kind of lifestyle you were once living, involved in the spirit of lust, addiction to various things such as alcohol and drugs. You are a living witness to the power of God and the changes that He can bring in your life. What is your advice to such people? My advice to young people who are going through my situation is that, the only ‘highness’ you can get on earth that will satisfy you is from God. Weed, alcohol, cocaine or whatever, will not get you anywhere; just run to God. It is only the Holy Spirit that can give you the ‘high’. As you can see me now, I am sober and I feel happy. Those things will not make you happy; they will just disturb you mentally. For you parents, never give up on your children. If my mother had given up on me, I would have become something else but she never gave up on me; don’t disown your children. Bring them close to God because God is the only one who can help you. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! We give all the glory to God Almighty. So at this point, let’s just hear a brief word from her mother. And we thank God for what He has done in the life of this family. Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Mrs Maria Mgemezulu from Malawi. This one is my daughter Hannah. This one is Vinjeru – it means wisdom. I’m short of words. I’m the happiest woman in the world. I’ve suffered because of this girl. It was a challenge – a big challenge. I could not sleep. I could not eat. I was always praying to my God and listening to the teachings of the man of God. One day, I was angry – very angry. I whipped her. I wanted to kill her. After that, I started watching Emmanuel TV. Then the man of God was teaching that you cannot force your children to go to church or to do good things but you should always pray for them. I believed in that teaching. I started praying day and night. She would come and knock, “Stop, you woman; stop praying!” What are you praying? Can’t you see? Now I’m smoking. When you pray, this is when I smoke more. When you pray, this is when I drink more. Can you stop?” I told her, “I’ll not stop praying until you get delivered!” And indeed today, she is delivered. Hallelujah! What are the changes you’ve seen in your daughter’s life since that deliverance? Oh, she´s a good girl! She can pray. She can read the Bible. We can chat. We can communicate in the morning. After praying in our room, she’ll come to the altar, pray and read the Bible. She’s discussing a lot about a her future. I’m very, very happy. Praise God Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ one more time! Indeed, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed. Finally, Madam, what is your word of advice to parents, especially out there watching? My advice is to all parents, especially women. Please continue praying for your daughters. Don’t give up. Don’t shout at them. Pray every day and night. Keep on checking in their rooms. I didn´t know that she was smoking and drinking. But one day, I was cleaning their rooms. That is when I discovered Indian hemp and bottles of beer – sachets of different types of beer. If you went to her room today, you would find a lot of bottles and cigarettes of Indian hemp. So, keep on checking their rooms, keep on praying for them day and night and listen to the man of God’s teachings. Amen. Lastly, I would like to thank the man of God for keeping us for almost two weeks, thank Emmanuel TV and Emmanuel TV Partners. Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) Amen. Let´s put our hands together for Jesus Christ one more time! Thank You, Jesus, indeed. So let’s just finally here a quick word from the other sister to cap off this wonderful testimony. Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Vinjeru Mgemezulu. The person standing next to me is my sister. The other person is my mum. I knew that my sister used to drink because we used to sleep in the same room. I was allergic to smells. She would come and sleep on my bed. She would be smelling of alcohol but I never told my mum until she found out by herself. The time she went to university, she started drinking and smoking. I knew everything but I could not tell my mum because the moment I had told her, my mum would have asked her and she would get angry. Sometimes, she would beat me up. Then sometimes, when I was mopping, she would pass. Then when I asked her why she was passing, she would start shouting at me and tell a lot of stories and lies. Sometimes, she would get angry and leave the house. She would leave the house in the morning and come back the next day in the morning, Take a bath and go back. Wow, so we can understand the severity of this addiction in the life of your sister. But ever since her deliverance, what can you testify about the changes in her life? Now we can talk. Before, when you told her a story, she would drink, come back and tell everyone this whole story. The story was supposed to be a secret but she would tell it – the whole neighbourhood who actually know the story. People in the surroundings would know the whole secret. She never used to drink juice – she hated juice. She hated eating, But now, she can eat, she can drink juice. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! We give all the glory to God Almighty. We thank God for what He has done in the life of this family. We just have one final question for our sister. Sister, in the midst of this, could you tell us: When you were smoking and drinking, what began happening to your health as a result of these addictions? My health was affected.. If I didn’t smoke, I wouldn´t eat. If I didn’t smoke for three days, I wouldn’t eat for three days. It caused seizures; I had epilepsy. When I drank, I would fall. It was affecting me. I would forget everything – I had loss of memory. But ever since the deliverance all of those experiences, the seizures, the loss of memory – everything has come to an end? Yes, I can even eat more than my mother. Thank You, Jesus. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ one more time! Mum, I’m sorry. You should forgive me. And i love you. Like the man of God says, we should not keep offence. Thank You, Jesus! Let´s put our hands together for Jesus Christ!


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