You Need To Play Dead Cells

You Need To Play Dead Cells

Alright, I’ve been hearing a lot about this
Dead Cells game, let’s see if it’s worth doing a video on… Yup. yup. You need to play Dead Cells. Okay seriously though, I have been HOOKED
on this game since the moment I first booted it up, and I’ve had to work extra hard to
pull myself away from it just to make this video. It took a lot of willpower I gotta say. Dead Cells is a roguelite dungeon crawling
brawler, but that’s selling it short. There‘s so much going on under the surface
that we gotta break it down a little bit. On their Steam page, developers Motion Twin
describe it as a “rogue-vania”, which is something I’d never really heard of before,
but by golly, this game is exactly that. There are so many different influences impacting
Dead Cells design that it ends up being a whole new creation that melds all the best
parts of other games together, so I’m gonna try my best to describe all of those influences
to you. The most obvious is probably Symphony of the
Night, it looks like it graphically with the chunky pixel art aesthetic, and movement is
very fluid and feels great. It has the basic rogue-lite staples of procedural
generation and permanent death every run, but I was surprised to see that it incorporated
metroidvania elements as well. As you progress to new areas, you’ll encounter
boss fights that really put your skills to the test, but if you beat them it unlocks
new abilities like climbing vines and coffins that teleport you to different parts of the
map. These powerups are not only used to reach
hidden secrets, but also to unlock new pathways that were unreachable on previous runs. And this is where I realized Dead Cells also
has a little bit of Star Fox 64 going on. You see, if you normally progress through
the game you’ll go to the Promenade of the Condemned, but when you unlock the vine ability,
this opens up a path to the Toxic Sewers, and if you collect the coffin teleportation
in the sewers, it gives you access to the Ossuary. And these 3 main paths are your easy, medium
and hard routes. So whether you want to kick back and relax
or give yourself more of a challenge all of these options are available from the first
level, and eventually they rejoin at the same place near the end. You see where I’m going with the Starfox
stuff? If you want some new items or more experience,
you can go to the tougher areas once you unlock them – and wow they are REALLY hard. They got electric tombstones, mechanical spiders,
invisible cloaking, Oh my! In fact, from a combat perspective, the Dark
Souls influence is very apparent. Enemies pack a wallop so you have to plan
your moves carefully, but if you time your rolls effectively, you can be pretty aggressive
as well. Hey look, it even has that Bloodborne thing
where you can get some of your health back if you start hitting them right away. I love that. There’s a huge selection of swords, whips,
shields, bows, amulets, and shoes to choose from, all with various effects and attack
speeds. If you want to play defensively and counter
when a baddy strikes, shields are a good way to go. Whips automatically target the closest enemy
so they’re good to have for annoying flyers or crowds with low health. Heck, if you’ve had enough of them you can
even just kick them off the ledge spartan style. See ya! On top of all this, you have an even bigger
selection of items to use, like grenades, turrets, or traps, all of which have special
benefits or elemental damage attached to them. It’s easy to forget about them early on
because you can take down foes with your normal weapons easily enough, but by the later levels,
they are necessary to stand a chance! My favorite combo is magnetic bombs and fire
grenades, so it can lump them all together at once and burn them alive. I can just stand on a ledge above them and
watch the carnage ensue. Haha…I might need some help. But I love the variety Dead Cells offers,
including all the side-perks of each item, like emitting a poison cloud upon death or
even releasing a herd of little biter grubs. They’re adorable but super gross at the
same time, it’s fantastic. If you play smart enough, you can make most
any combo work in your favor, but no matter what, it’s good to upgrade your items as
you go and have a setup that’s ready for any situation. Now of course Dead Cells has a lot of rogue-lite
aspects, but not everything resets when you die. It has a little bit of Rogue Legacy influence
in that you can collect cells to permanently upgrade equipment. Like a health flask that can gain more uses,
keeping some of your gold upon death, or increasing damage for the items you like to use. This also unlocks new weapons if you find
a blueprint for them as you go. So while it does take a lot of skill to best
the gauntlet of Dead Cells, you can upgrade stats as you play to have a little bit of
an edge. But for the most part, it’s back to the
drawing board when you start a new run. You can collect health, strength or skill
upgrades along the way, or try to go as fast as you can to beat these time gates which
can give you some extra cash or a rare blueprint. But you have to be careful because this might
make you underpowered if you just rushed through without getting proper equipment. There’s even challenge rooms where you can’t
get hit once, or cursed chests that give you some extra cells and an item, but you can’t
get hit for the next 10 enemies. There’s a lot to experience and discover
in Dead Cells if you’re searching for it, and it has something for every type of player. The one thing I do want to mention is that
it is still in early access, which means there’s gonna be some bugs here in the beginning days
of development. One time my computer couldn’t connect to
Steam cloud, so it didn’t load any of my save data, but once I realized this, it had
rewritten over my old save, so I lost all my progress – so make sure you’re always
playing online, or disable the cloud sync. But other than that, I really haven’t noticed
any big problems. If this is where the game is starting, it
can really only get better from here. In fact, since I’ve started playing they’ve
already introduced a huge update with a ton of new improvements, weapons and enemies! I can’t stress enough that movement feels
really smooth and combat is super satisfying. It has just the right amount of challenge
and is extremely addicting with that “just one more game” mentality it offers. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here
– they’ve stated that they want to add double the content before full release, so I expect
to see even more metroidvania skills added, new areas and more bosses to keep me coming
back for a long time to come. If you’re looking for the next great rogue-lite
that will make you ragequit just to boot it right back up to try again and pushes boundaries
into some really creative waters, then you NEED to play Dead Cells. Hey guys thanks for watching, I just wanted
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time. Stay frosty my friends!


  1. No guys, seriously. You NEED to play Dead Cells! I have been playing this game a ton since it came out and I am in love! This is an early access game that feels more complete than most final release indie titles. At $15 this game is a STEAL! And I think it's on sale right now for the Steam Summer Sale too, so none of you have excuses!

  2. The thing is, that it is in early access. Even if its worth it now, I will likely not come back later when this is finished.

    It looks light it's right up my alley though. I am torn. Why, game, are you doing this to me?

  3. When I see videos on games like this I hate the fact that I don't have a gaming PC/Laptop. Eventhough I am planning on getting one in the future. I am very happy with my PS4, but I don't want to miss out on amazing games like this

  4. I usually avoid Early Access Games b/c I don't know what I'm in for (cough We Happy Few). But I think you've convinced me. I'll get it soon enough. I love Metroidvanias, and rogue-like games are also a nice plus.

  5. Would Rogue Legacy be another example of a "Roguevania"? (Incidentally, RL is also strongly inspired by SotN)

  6. OMG! I want the device that were announced on the Devolver conference to be able to throw money to the screen an get this game now

  7. Hey, so first off this guys probably the best comment getbacker ever. He's also just a good guy. If you want to check out somebody like him check out ingeniousclown. And no, I have no deal or arrangement with him, he just really reminds me of this guy.

  8. This does look really good, but I'll wait till it finishes EA, the only EA game I haven't regretted buying is Factorio, that is really excellent though.

  9. Awesome video Snoman! This really looks like a cool game although I'll probably wait until it's released to try all of the content at once. Keep it up!

  10. I just got 60$ on steam. I was wondering what I should do with it since the summer sale is on. You convinced me to get Dead Cells.

    PS. Also got Burning Blood and Rayman Legends with it. Just a note.

  11. Oh goodness I hope you can turn off all the damage indication numbers this looks like a mess, I wanna see the beautiful pixel art

  12. hey snowman. can you play a pretty old game that i love? its a masterpiece and i really think you should make a video of it. its pokemon mystery dugeon explorers of sky

  13. Fun fact: This game was originally a sequel(or maybe prequel) to a previous work by Motion Twin. That work being called Die2Nite, though it's called Hordes in France.
    It's a pretty intellectually focused, and unique game, a real pain to explain in text. Unfortunately it's not been updated, and some basic game maintenance has been neglected for a long while. The community isn't very strong anymore. Though you will mostly find fervent fans there at this time(and overly quiet people playing a social game, what's their deal?).

    I stopped playing because a griefer was town jumping for awhile, and another player was pestering me for advice, and help editing his fanfic, and then didn't go through with any of it. Also again, it's a social game; not worth playing if you don't get friends. I didn't exactly make any friends, and eventually I gave up waiting on anyone caring. But hey, you can always check the forums to get you and your friends organized if you want.
    In retrospect the griefer probably would have been stopped if someone bothered to contact the mods, but what matters is he sucked all the fun out.

  14. "I was surprised to see that it included MetroidVania elements as well."

    Acknowledges that the game titles itself as a "RogueVania"
    Cites Symphony of the Night for being a clear influence on the game.

    smdh sno.

  15. OO
    Motion Twin still exists?? I mean, I haven't heard much about them for quite some time.
    for those who don't know, Motion Twin is a french game company that had quite their successes doing internet-based games. As far as I can tell the company mostly had recognition from inside the french market, so hearing an american citing their name is just short of dream-like.
    for the curious, I suggest Hammerfest, a game where you play a bomb-throwing snowman. 😉

  16. excellent video , I've been playing all your recommendations since a while ago , no regrets at the moment, keep up the good work.

  17. I did try it and it wasn't very good, not sure why people think it's anything special, because it really isn't.

  18. You have no idea how happy you would make me if you did a video involving Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. PLEASE

  19. My favorite combo is Nutcracker + Fire Brand because it plays super safe. If you can just toss fire brands then you should just kill that way, otherwise Nutcracker stuns opponents with its first hit so even though it's slow you can still get its high damage 3-hit combo off before it wakes up. usually killing whatever you hit. It has a huge hitbox that doesn't stop for the first enemy like many other attacks, so it's good against crowds and fliers too.

  20. Right now I'm hooked on Monster Slayers, a roguelike card game RPG that's more fun than it sounds. But I have been watching Dead Cells develop via twitter since before early access, and am rooting for it. Will definitely pick it up after Early Access is up.

  21. I need to eat.

    I need to drink.

    I need to sleep.

    I need to work.

    I need to think.

    I need to maintain homeostasis.


    I don't need to play anything! Good, mediocre, or bad. I play games because I want to. I play games that look interesting to me, as a gamer and person. I play games for entertainment. I don't need to play anything; whether its Dead Cells or Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.


  22. From some1 that played Dead Cells , no you dont need to play , its a piece of shit , no real bosses , more based on rng ( if u have bad luck u on stats/weapons u will get fucked in the optional areas) and they repeat the same fucking enemies 40000 times

  23. I'm not a fan of 2D games I love open world AAA games with good graphics and love the dark souls franchise. I was just wondering would I enjoy this game just because I like dark souls? Just curious to here someone else's thoughts.

  24. "Now of course Dead Cells has a lot of rogue-lite aspects, but not everything resets when you die. It has a little bit of Rogue Legacy influence.."

    Implying Rogue legacy isn´t the definition of Rogue-lite.

  25. Found your channel because of this video and automatically love the way you talk. Remembers me a bit of Mattpatt. 🙂 Also Yea, Dead Cells is amazing.

  26. I've seen a ton of critics and game academics praise this and Hollow Knight here lately. I'll have to look into it.

  27. This game looks fantastic, is fantastic too, have you played Oxenfree or transistor? Both are amazing games with compelling storylines

  28. Loved the game, introduced it to my brother, he's been practically playing it every chance he gets on the computer and won't stop talking about it.
    My brother is probably the most fond of zombie shooters (like Killing Floor and Dead space), so I'm happy he took a loving to a game more about strategy and reflex and equipment management rather than passing it off as something he didn't wanna play because it lacked enough gore C: hehe

  29. hi there! I just stubled upon your channel and really dig your reviews and "you have to play"s!
    I'm thinking about getting salt and sanctuary and wonder if you would recommend it. I'm new to the genre and hyperlight drifter after 7 hours already brought me to the point where I wanted to try out a new game 😛

  30. I didn't even know you could get hp back after getting hit; Bloodborne isn't on PC and Dead Cells (a PC-only game) does not communicate this at all..

  31. This seems kindof like a 2d dark souls, and dark souls is my favorite series, so I'm definitely going to try this game
    Edit: i only have a Mac and dead cells isn't available for mac :'(


  33. I honestly got really bored by dead cells, the combat just feels lacking, no depth, just hack, slash and spam abilities, and that always worked for me, I can't believe I spent £15 on this

  34. Tried the game at launch. Was okay. Replayed today. Damn so much more content. Devs are really working on that game, love it !

  35. This game is pretty hard though. Only reached the final boss once, but haven't been playing for that long. I love how you can't say "Therez no variety!" Because you have to unlock all the items.

  36. In just a couple of months they've kind of hurt the direction of the game, getting rid of permanent upgrades in exchange for buying the chance for a weapon to have better stats. when you find them.

  37. It’s really not a ‘vania tho. You can’t really back track into previous areas because everything is for the most part procedurally generated and I’m guessing you get locked out from some areas you’ve been in before… I actually went ahead and purchased shantae instead.

  38. after getting it honestly did not live up to the expectations. the dungeons are fine all most of the generation is fine but the combat itself let me down. I don't like many enemies I like one difficult boss for difficult combat, its more fair and with many enemies unless you play boring you just will get hit, you just will. the boss on the black bridge is not challenging just annoying, I feel like as far as combat goes hollow knight does everything better. often when I die I see nothing I could have done better. if I don't get it then the game does a bad job of teaching either way just not good enough for me. the movement is not good the combat is not good.

  39. Funny thing is the rogue part is what ruins an otherwise amazing game, I don't know why the devs decided to go that route but I'd rather have a single hand-crafted map than this procedurally generated thing… there I said it.

  40. Its no longer early access now!
    Changes include replacing time doors with certain challenges, enemy design, and other ways to access levels

  41. Dead cells be like:
    ٩(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿٩)三 <:::::[]=¤ (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)

  42. I have this for switch. Furthest I got was the Clock Tower boss. I wonder how much I got left to progress for the final boss

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