Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

This is one of the millions of Americans who uses drugs and won’t get arrested. However.. this American, is several times more likely to be charged with a drug crime. Imagine its you This is the day you get caught This is your day in court This is your sentencing This is your cell This is your first day on the outside This is your fresh start. …was your fresh start Here are your job prospects This is your shot at a college degree …or not This is your family This is your debt collector These are the dreams you have for your children This is someone else’s family… someone else’s life… someone who used drugs, but was never caught This is how you feel! The war on drugs is ruining people’s lives. It fuels mass incarceration. It targets people of color in greater numbers than their white counterparts. It cripples communities It costs billions and it doesn’t work. Any questions?


  1. This isn’t a race issue, it’s a class issue.
    How many poor people have connected friends that could help wipe their slate clean?

  2. Then maybe stop using drugs? Stop selling drugs? Even if more black people are getting caught because of it, they are still breaking the law. How hard is to understand that?

    It's a shame that the original videos were specifically anti-drugs, because that's the real message that we should give to this generation instead of being apologists about it

  3. There's a simple solution: Don't do drugs.

    And the commercial makes it look like all those drug users who didn't get caught just have a WONDERFUL life. Those of us who've actually LIVED WITH drug addicts know the truth, though.

  4. i cant believe people in the comments are naive enough to think 'just dont do drugs' is a solution. how old are you people.

  5. It's true, black people are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement, but it's more complicated than that. For example, if you're white, and you're in a predominantly black neighborhood- it is you who is more likely to be pulled over. Cops automatically assume white people in a black neighborhood are there for drugs. I can show you drug corners where white people get pulled over all the time. It's the same for black people in white neighborhoods. The Drug War is a $300,000,000,000 a year nightmare responsible for 90% of America's prison population.

    Black people are disproportionately targeted, but drug addiction is disproportionate as well, at least with regard to opiates. White people make up over 90% of this nations opiate addicts, and who sells it to them? Minorities. Furthermore, black neighborhoods are dependent on the income illegal drugs generate. You can't take heroin out of North Philly or Newark New Jersey without descending into total chaos. These areas bring in over a million dollars a day. That money pays rent, pays for diapers, car payments, kids shoes, that money puts food on the tables of tens of thousands of people. This country is sick.

    You can't easily fix this mess, even if you decriminalized drugs, but this is clearly the route we must take.

  6. Nice try, Josie! You couldn't be a Pussycat to save your career, and here you are, still using the same this is your brain lame excuse that people still think will get addicts to rethink drugs. Sadly, this attempt will be a failure as well, since in reality people will still choose not to heed warnings and do as they, we, please. I don't do drugs myself but I honor the heroes who out because they make the choice and refuse to cave to a Christian mindset that seeks control of the innocent. As they say in the movies, the Yolk is on you! 😉

  7. The egg however is big pharma and that is what big pharma does to brains… Luckily cannabinoids can repair the pandemic damage done by death pills. Just say No to (pharma). Drugs! Do It for the Gipper and Nancy RayGunn. She may zap ya.

  8. Thank you! Someone that people will notice actually said it, AND was asked to say it! (She answered willingly of course)

  9. The amount of dislikes just show how y'all don't like to be reminded of your country's racism.


  10. What she says is so true. Glad to hear that she's come to the understanding that her first ads were a mistake. The "Drug War" is so unfair to people of color. And just unfair, period. It should be treated as a medical and psychiatric problem, not a legal one.

  11. Isn't it funny that Black people want to be called People Of Color now. Back in the Jim Crow Era, The term for Black People was Colored People, and now they want the People of Color label. It's either Black or Colored, make a choice.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with my childhood crush Rachael Leigh Cook on both the 1997 version of This Is Your Brain on Drugs PSA and the 2017 Your Brain on Drug Policy PSA. Say no to drugs and be against the War on Drugs. Thank you very much, Rachael Leigh Cook. BTW, you're still all that.

  13. I have a question, Rachael Leigh Cook. Has anyone else told you you look sexy, strong, beautiful and badass wearing that gray tanktop and jeans? And I have two comments. One: You're still all that, Rachael Leigh Cook. And two: Oh, what a woman. (Swoons and faints on floor)

  14. Actually, the second egg is "several times more likely" to commit another crime while in possession of drugs, and just more likely to commit a crime overall, at least for the young male eggs in the age range of 15-35; not many egg grandmothers getting nicked. Maybe Rachael would know this were she not so ignorant…and a woman…

  15. Both are committing the exact same crime, one of them gets caught. But it isn't fair because that other guy wasn't caught, which somehow voids the fact HE STILL committed a crime…..
    So the answer is to let him go? Same with murderers, robbers, terrorists, because they have darker skin? A terrible way to trash the original message.

  16. "This is someone elses life, someone else who used drugs, someone else who got away with using drugs…."
    Then how do you know he was a drug user? Oh right, what you mean is he is simply white, and you want black criminals to not be charged cus you hate your local government. Weak.

  17. Black people are more likely to get arrested because they are poorer and use more drugs. If you want to complain, complain about capitalism

  18. It is true that there are innocent colored people who go to jail, get treated differently, but this brown egg in the video is NOT one of those people. They knew they were throwing their future away the moment they were doing drugs. They could of sought help. They could’ve talked to someone. They could’ve stopped. But instead they keep on doing CRACK, HEROIN, METH,CRYSTALS, HUFFING AND PUFFING. Yes it is not fair the white egg never got caught, but you want to know what else is not fair? Thinking you’re a victim of something YOU KNEW YOU WERE DOING ILLEGALLY AND MORALLY, AND DANGEROUSLY WRONG. While there are actual victims out there, YOU are the one claiming you’re one of the VICTIMS when really people like YOU increase the number of victims by accusing other people, by saying that is that person with the opposite skin colors wrong!! That’s just like a person saying that it’s all the asian’s fault for not putting in a HEADPHONE JACK WHEN WE HAVE FUCKING BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES. That’s like a random American (ANY COLOR YOU WANT) Talking about immigrants going back to where they came from IN FRONT OF A NATIVE AMERICAN. So yeah sorry sir but you are NOT a VICTIM of RACISM. YOU ARE JUST PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM.

  19. Why did the white egg get away with drug use, while the Bi-racial egg gets the lodge pan?


  20. This racist ad says, "hey white people, legalize drugs at the cost of your children being more likely to die of an opioid overdose because to not do so is racist toward nonwhites." And in this case, "any questions?" really means "Period. End of subject, white man."

  21. Damn. I know a bunch of white people in the system due to drug usage. I guess they don't know how to white right or something cause they are doing that shit all wrong.

  22. I know we’re supposed to get angry about legal and social injustice. But that’s impossible when the most upsetting thing about this video is the wedding ring on RLC’s finger.

  23. Actually, it's the current administration that pushed and supported legislation to combat the exact problem that Ms. Cook (Gillies) discusses in this video.

  24. I agree with the idea, and she may have had some credibility to begin with, but she lost a portion of her credibility by implying that drugs are harmless if you don't get caught. And she lost ALL credibility by posting it on 4/20.

    Typical bullshit liberal lies about how white people are bad, Have perfect lives, never go to jail & are to blame for ALL of every non white/Christian persons problems. Except for Asians, they pretend they don't exist since they disprove all of their insane views! An don't forget Jews!! They absolutely HATE them!! They'll never tell you why there's an actual statistical reason why blacks are arrested more often then whites for violent & drug related deaths & that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with white people or racism! The left NEVER wants you to know the FULL story they just hand pick certain data points they know will successfully trigger emotional response & cause people to make uninformed & reckless emotional decisions based on what they're intentionally feeding them. An sadly stupid people eat it up, never question it & use that inaccurate & distorted info in daily life which effects everyone else & everything. They want to control how we view things, ESPECIALLY how we view EACHOTHER! Divided we fall! They won't tell you the REAL reasons why those numbers appear that way! Like how they collect data, where they collect it from & certainly NEVER the other data that helps you to understand WHY those numbers are understandable & is NOT the result of scary racism!! Like the FACT that blacks being just 13% of the US population COMMIT 52% of the violent & drug related crimes each year!! So when you know that it PROVES its NOT due to racism & makes complete logical sense as to why blacks would get arrested more! If 1 group of people commits a majority of the crime it makes total sense why they would be the ones who also get arrested more! Ever notice why they shy away from the number of blacks shot by police vs whites who do?? Thats because you are MORE LIKELY to be shot by police if you're white then if you're black!! Doesn't fit with the narrative they've been feeding you does it?? Gee, I wonder why? HMMMM!!
    The Democrats & left as a whole want desperately for people to be afraid and turn to them for help! The have been fear mongering for decades & it sadly has worked! They create the crisis & fear then tell everyone they're the solution to it!! POWER GAINED & CONTROL ESTABLISHED!! Why do you think since losing the Presidential election suddenly "Racism" is EVERYWHERE?? It doesn't(Well, shouldn't) take a rocket scientist to figure out why!! Yet, as usual people eat it up!! Wake the fuck up! They're playing on your emotions and making you act, vote, think 100% reckless, dangerous, stupid & incredibly misinformed/uninformed!! They want people to act with their feelings NOT their brain!! Why? Because if you stop and think you'll see the writing on the wall! An it says Were corrupt, lowlife, dangerous Democrats and were playing you, you fucking morons!! The Democrats/Left don't want you to know that part though!! Stop believing Democrats & stop voting them into power so they can continue to destroy the country and divide the people while getting massively rich in the process!! An if you don't believe me about those FACTUAL statistics, then check for yourself! Below is a link for the Bureau of Justice Statistics! You know, The most DEPENDABLE & ACCURATE in data collection, bar none!! If you don't trust that ill also link the FBI numbers! An don't just look at the page in the link, actually look into some other shit on the site & see if what you've been being fed makes any sense to you afterwards!! Then again even when leftists are shown the PROOF they STILL deny it & continue to believe absolute nonsense!! They're a lost cause at that point! Unfortunately there is A LOT of those type of people! Simply Delusional & possibly have lost their minds due to the left's war on reality, freedom & truth!!

  26. Any Questions:

    Funny question: Yes, um how do you smash cartoon eggs with a live action frying pan, and why go for the black egg? You racist?

    Serious question: Yeah, if the war on drugs doesn't work, then why do we still have it to this day, and why can't people just talk to their kids about drugs instead of use PSA propoganda?

  27. They could have at least acknowledge that the drugs are dangerous by showing a coffin after they smash the white egg.

  28. I'm sorry, how am I only now finding this. You know how long I've been in love with everything about that commercial and then for queen to do it again. I cannot

  29. She looks like she hasn't even aged at all. She reminds me of Keanu Reeves because, if you were to compare a pic of him today to any older pic of him, I think most people would say that both pics were taken within the same year. #Immortal #PastLife #Reincarnation

  30. "Son, why are you not taking drugs like…other kids?"
    "I learned it from the hot chick from the Josie and the Pussycats movie!"
    "Uhh, Tara Reid?"
    "Mom! Her name is Rachel Lee Cook, okay!??"

  31. wait a minute… I'm confused. Do you know how often the anti drug PSA played? What… the hell.. If you told people to not do drugs in the first place………………………………..

  32. I have a theory that most (sorry) white women end up defending black people because they need or want BBC… there's whites packing too.. Ill be here for you.

  33. She looks much more menacing now as an adult when she says "Any questions?". My first thought is "No maam!!!". But when she was a teenager saying that line, my first thought was "Aren't you so cute saying that?".

  34. That was a very great PSA, especially since they used the same actress from the original anti-drug PSA and then remade and updated it with social issues related to drugs, something most people probably don't learn until college. I'm a sociology minor, and what was said in this video was very accurate – especially the mention of mass incarceration and the War on Drugs subtle racism. We often learn the stuff mentioned in this video from sociology classes in college.

    So far, it's unfortunately the only anti War on Drugs PSA I am aware of. I kind of hope they start remaking and updating other classic anti-drug PSAs as well, especially those from the 80s and 90s.

  35. I've seen brown eggs and white eggs and popular shopping centers politely asking for money for food (while declining offers of literal food and not legal tender). It's the brown eggs who turn on the same person that they were soliciting cash from, and start accusing them of racism.

  36. this is because of open air markets, poverty, and calls for help to 911 ruling police and municipal resourses, crime rates, etc. etc. its like the first commercial you did rachael, this is an over simplification of the facts

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