You’re Not Your Addiction | The Addiction Misconception

You’re Not Your Addiction | The Addiction Misconception

Drugs and alcohol produced profound chemical changes within the brain instead of the hierarchy of needs being food water and shelter, a new hierarchy is temporarily created where it’s drugs and alcohol, food, water, shelter. this happens so much to the extent that you won’t care where you sleep and what you eat and who you socialize with. Your primary and number-one goal will be intoxication. The front part of your brain that’s responsible for morals and values, the part of your brain where your personality lies, the part of your brain right that houses empathy, the part of your brain that can think about your thinking, is compromised during your active addiction. If all you saw was negative consequence after negative consequence after negative consequence, what would you think about yourself? This is the perception of people that suffer from addiction and there’s 23 point five million more of these negative self-defeating perceptions. You buy into an identity that you’re broken that you’re powerless that you require medications and that you’ll never acquiesce in to a place of peace and fulfillment. Science has proven that thoughts have a physical effect. Imagine if you believed that you were not powerless you were not broken and that there was faith and hope for you to reactivate into a normal life again the man that comes in here and walks through these doors on day one is going to have little to no resemblance to the man that leaves I can guarantee you that not only in the way you look but the way that you think we’re gonna begin to show you the truth the truth about who you really are that you have a name and an identity we know addiction we know what suffering feels like and if we know the truth about addiction then we know that the fact that you use drugs and alcohol is not really the problem it’s an attempt at a solution to a problem so if we can see the truth through an experienced and educated lens our views of you are never distorted by the typical views of your behavior I know you’re not broken your brain is just malfunctioning and your mind is clouded by a false reality when I see you I see a life I see infinite value and infinite potential leaving no room for your distorted self-defeating perception I see you actualized and free free from addiction and the coolest part about this is I get to share this with you and I get to bring you in to this reality to the truth to the true perception of who you really are the fact that you’re an amazing person you’re a good son a good friend a good father that you are capable of anything you put your mind to that you’re learning to love yourself again through the person that you’re becoming and who you are right now that you’re mindful of how you speak to yourself and communicate with others that you’re recreating who you are through the hard work of self-improvement that you’re bigger than addiction that you’re stronger than setback that your recovery that’s one of the biggest misconceptions about addiction is that people that suffer from addiction are less than other people or are less capable than other people or are somehow inadequate and inferior this is garbage some of the most powerful people that I know have experienced some of the most difficult hardships and biggest adversities and it’s shaped them to become who they are now the same thing is for you all this adversity all this hardship is not vain that’s going to make you recognize one day when you look in the mirror you’re gonna see what you overcame and what it took you to overcome those things and you’re gonna recognize again how powerful you really are the fact that I’m not my addiction I’m not broken I’m not weak I’m not powerless then I’m a warrior that I’m strong that I’m confident that I’m capable that I’m determined that I’m resilient and you’re gonna recognize for the first time that that’s who you really are and it’s about uncovering this misconception and getting rid of the misconception of who you think you are in helping you understand and know who you really are I want you to have something real something that’s yours something that’s personal to you something that’s sacred to you that you don’t want to give up but you’re not worth that’s not worth sacrificing to you you recognizing that you don’t have to go to a meeting know that you take that with you anywhere you go you don’t have to be in fear anymore that you recognize you have the confidence to handle anything and that there’s no negative emotion that will ever push you into a state that you will sacrifice that I hope you hear this message clearly as a message of truth and that it that that you hear it and that you make a decision today to do something different to make a different decision come join us today call we want to help you we want to show you the truth and we want you most importantly to see that truth for yourself [Music]


  1. This is the realest video I’ve ever seen about addiction! Let’s end this addiction epidemic that’s destroying families and relationships!!

  2. This absolutely brought tears to my eyes! This is SO TRUE. SO REAL. SO STRONG. Please, please, please share this with anyone you know suffering with addiction. I have seen first-hand the transformations these boys/men have made!

  3. This video will change your perception on how you think about addiction. Truly amazing stuff he's talking about!

  4. Powerful video!! Please share with anyone you know suffering from addiction. The transformation I've seen first hand with these boys/men is truly inspiring. Great Job Treehouse in all you do!!

  5. Wow, This is what I needed to hear today. So inspiring. This is they way addiction needs to be talked about. Powerful stuff guys, thanks for this!

  6. Wow, well said! Absolute truth! Some of the most amazing, highly talented, highly creative, highly driven people on this planet suffer from addiction. The world NEEDS to know this!! Those currently SUFFERING NEED to know this!!

  7. Amazing facility, and people. I can honestly say they helped save my life and gave me the chance to become the man i am today. Amazing video as well super inspiring stuff.

  8. Dropping that deep knowledge 🙏🏼 thank for this profound information. We need more people like you shinning new light on the intricacies and misconceptions of addiction. Keep the videos coming!

  9. What a powerful and important message for those that are currently suffering as well as loved ones. Thank you for creating this video and being an inspiration to others!

  10. What a great message! Starting the conversation about addiction and how it is a real disease and not a behavior problem is a great step to finding an effective treatment plan for those who suffer from addiction in their lives. I hope this message can reach those who need it.

  11. Not only an inspiring message, it's the truth. Awesome group of people down at Tree House who just "get it" and want to bring light into the lives of those who need it most- and that's not just smoke. Look no further than the all the men who entered the program broken, on the verge of surrender, and walked out with a new lease on life ready to breathe this message back out into the world.

  12. Such a powerful message. Everything I thought I knew was wrong. Im not broken. This is a life changing video. This video gave me chills.

  13. This organization and group of leaders are the best! Very enlightening and powerful information. Keep up this important work.

  14. So dead on!! Thank you Tree House for spreading the word and continuing to support those who feel weak, have given up or can't see within themselves how beautiful and strong they truly are.

  15. Deep. The most effective healers are the ones who have suffered themselves. Nice to know there’s places like Tree House that get this.

  16. I am so blessed to know this man personally. He helped me overcome my greatest fears and darkest secrets and I cannot thank him enough for the things he has helped me with. Treehouse is an amazing place and gave me back the gift of life when I had absolutely nothing. Thank you Treehouse for everything. I appreciate this video so much because it’s what people need to hear.

  17. My name is kris Watson and I'm a 21 year old drug addict. My drugs of choice are coke/crack, heroin/fetaynol, and meth. I've been using the coke and crack for 4 to 5 years, heroin and fentanyl for a year, and the meth for 2 months straight, also used it many different times over the years but mainly just past few months. For the past 6 months I've been actively trying to stay clean but in the past 2 or 3 months I relapsed and haven't been able to get back on track first the meth took over, then the heroin came back and now I'm stuck and need help, it's so hard to get into treatment because of waiting lists and because I dont have money to afford it. Even before these drugs I've been an addict since I was 12 or 13 because that's when I started, with alcohol and then the weed, and it just progressed to mushrooms, ecstasy, pills and various others. It has all led me to my drugs of choice which I have been battling ever since, slowly just watching myself basically dying. I am saying all this as a cry for help, I need to go away for treatment but like I said I cant keep waiting and I just dont know what to do please someone help me get to treatment somewhere and fast. Also I live in Canada. Thank you for listening.

  18. So much heart and wisdom. Thank you Treehouse for shining the truth and seeing through the common misconception.

  19. So powerful. I love what you all are doing here. The science can be so helpful for so many, and the support is crucial from individuals and communities alike. Cheers to you all!

  20. Thank you for sharing such an incredible video! Keep being an inspiration, and keep up the hard word lifting others up even during the most difficult times.

  21. I think everyone who is struggling needs to see this video. This guy truly understands the mind of someone who is going through this. Keep up the good work

  22. Very well spoken and accurate. I actually believe this man has the charisma and understanding to help people in need. Deep, hope this video spreads to as many people as possible.

  23. I’m gonna try with everything in me to go to this place and finally kick this shit it’s been 12 years of the same. time for something new
    This place seems absolutely inspiring and gives me hope see you soon guys

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