YouTubers Who Took Drugs! (KSI, RiceGum, PewDiePie, Vitalyzdtv)

YouTubers Who Took Drugs! (KSI, RiceGum, PewDiePie, Vitalyzdtv)

Hey everybody how’s it going Extreme Trends here and welcome to the Top 10 YouTubers Who Secretly Take Drugs


  1. So weed and shrooms are drugs now lmao and how are these secrets if the youtubers themselves brought it up without being asked

  2. ADDERALL IS CRYSTAL METH. All the big youtubers take it and it’s how they have the courage to go on camera all the time.

  3. If you find any unknown substance anywhere smoke, inject, snort, or orally ingest as much as you possibly can. It will not hurt you at all

  4. Who cares man let them be also my as well put every YouTubed that has drank alcohol as it is way more dangerous then weed and shrooms

  5. Party pills are benzos that used to be legal and you
    Could buy them online, most are just energizing so u stay up and party

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